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Graduating In Style: The History Behind Graduation Regalia

Cap and Gown with '18 School of Humanities tassle in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

(Photo by Adam Fondren | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Alaikia Marielle

April 26, 2019

  Graduation is around the corner, filling eager graduates with an overwhelming mix of excitement and nerves. Whether you yourself are graduating this May or just attending as a supportive guest, you’re sure to notice the wide range of colors and tassels hanging from graduates and faculty. Ev...

Binge Bytes: ‘Banging Book Club’

(Design by Ashlyn Cary | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Alaikia Marielle

April 21, 2019

  From YouTubers Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon and Leena Norms, “Banging Book Club” is the witty and honest book club podcast about all things sex and gender. “Banging Book Club” is a discussion between three longtime friends and collaborators, stating, “Basically, we’re the baddest bitches in ...

‘Game of Thrones’ Theories Leading Up to Final Season

courtesy Pixabay

By Alaikia Marielle and Christopher Payne

April 10, 2019

  Warning: The following contains spoilers for “Game of Thrones” The fantasy series epic, HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” airs its highly anticipated final season on April 14. Based on George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, "Game of Thrones" has enthralled dedicated v...

The Chronicle Playlist: Spring Has Sprung

(Photo by: Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Alaikia Marielle

April 8, 2019 The days are finally longer than the nights. Warm rays of sunshine are no longer a fantasy, but an inevitable reality. As this dreary winter thaws out quickly to spring, it’s also time to thaw out your musi...

Our Favorite Campus Eats for the Starving Student

(Photo by Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Madge Slack, Palak Jayswal, Josh Petersen, Marshall Falkner, Abigail Raasch, Alaikia Marielle, Christopher Payne, Alison Myers, Yixin Song, Ray Gill, and Sofia Sant'Anna-Skites

April 3, 2019

  It's a well-known fact that food is necessary for survival. However, until the age of nearly 18, and sometimes older, we don't control this all-important factor in our success as a species. Our food is cultured, prepared and served to us by various forms of authority: parents, cafeteria ladies,...

Binge Bytes: ‘The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’

(Design by Ashlyn Cary | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Alaikia Marielle

March 22, 2019

  “The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe” kicked off its first episode on May 4, 2005. The show, produced by SGU Productions, is self-described as a podcast “dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason and the public understanding of science through online and other media.” Four-time winn...

Should Professors Curse in the Classroom?

Professor Randall Eggert

By Alaikia Marielle

March 12, 2019

  Whether or not you felt included in the conversation, we as a society have decided certain words are unacceptable to say — the types of words requiring asterisks in print and bleeps on television. Many years ago, as a bright and beaming middle schooler, I said “crap” in passing in ...

Form Over Function: Are ‘Fashionable’ Safety Items Capitalizing on Anxieties About Assault?

Courtesy of Ominae

By Alaikia Marielle

March 5, 2019

  The amount of self-defense products made specifically for women to prevent sexual assault is staggering. Just over a decade ago, Taser International introduced a compact taser which came in several colors, including pink. Today, pink tasers are just the tip of the self-defense iceberg. Sexual ass...

University of Utah Sculpture Club Debuts Exhibition at Trolley Square

By Alaikia Marielle

March 5, 2019

  Cello music filled the South Court at Trolley Square where people gathered for the opening night of the University of Utah Sculpture Club’s “Art in Form” exhibition on Feb. 22. The show, funded by Fine Arts fees, ran over the weekend and ended on Feb. 24. The exhibition displayed a ...

To Binge or Not to Binge Episode 45: ‘Russian Doll’

(Graphic by Hannah Allred | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Alaikia Marielle

March 3, 2019

  The incredibly talented Natasha Lyonne, from "Orange is the New Black," dazzles audiences in the new series “Russian Doll” which Netflix released on Feb. 1. Lyonne serves as star, writer and executive producer in this existential comedy, reinvigorating the tired time loop trope. Amy Poeh...

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