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Raasch’s Favorite Salt Lake Theater of 2019

(Cartoon by Izzy Schlegel | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

December 19, 2019

  For many of us, the theater holds a place held dear in our hearts. We can find connections in the characters and stories on stage, whether they come to us through a song or a monologue. Salt Lake City is a rare gem when it comes to the amount of theater we have. Here are my top ten theater per...

Artist of the Week: Brooke Martin

Artist Brooke Martin (Photo by Camille Rousculp | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

December 4, 2019

  Brooke Martin is an athlete with the University of Utah track team. Known for her athleticism and commitment to her sport and team, Martin is well respected — but she has another life. She likes to refer to it as having two separate identities. On a daily basis, you can find her in the ar...

October Arts Desk Favorites

(Illustration by Alex Garcia | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Palak Jayswal, Christopher Payne, Ray Gill, Kate Button, Weston Wood, Alison Myers, Hannah Keating, Abigail Raasch, Arielle Gulley, and Oakley Burt

November 19, 2019

Palak Jayswal While summer is my seasonal time to read without the nagging feeling that I could be doing 30 other important tasks, fall and winter are my binge-watching seasons. It's far too easy to climb into bed and binge a couple of episodes instead of doing, well, anything else. "Law and Order:...

AXIS Finds Freedom in Limitations

AXIS 2019 (courtesy of AXIS Dance Company)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

November 13, 2019

  Stage lights dimly glow on three dancers. The music begins and the art commences — bodies twirl, lift, slide and defy the laws of physics — all with four moving legs, five arms and three dancing souls. This was the beginning of an evening’s performance by AXIS Dance Company at Kingsb...

Pop-Cultured: A Dark Obsession

(Illustration by Isabelle Schlegel | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

November 9, 2019

In the darkness of the morning, I roll over and begin scrolling through my phone. As I get ready, the latest Billie Eilish album runs on repeat. I sing along to “Bad Guy” and walk to Trax listening to “Bury a Friend.” At school, my friends and I discuss the newest comic book adaptation, the dark...

Dine or Dash: Ginger Street

Ginger Street (Photo  by Keira Stogin)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

October 30, 2019

A luminescent neon pink sign lights up the corner of 300 South and State Street.  Standing out among its Salt Lake City neighbors, Ginger Street welcomes you with fanny packs, community tables, outdoor seating and its loud neon sign. New to downtown as of June 20, Ginger Street is serving hawker-st...

September Arts Desk Favorites

University of Utah students can now find improved access to dance, music, theatre and other arts events across the state. (Courtesy Utah Arts Alliance)

By Palak Jayswal, Christopher Payne, Alison Myers, Abigail Bowe, Abigail Raasch, Kate Button, Ray Gill, Weston Wood, Arielle Gulley, Hannah Keating, Oakley Burt

October 29, 2019

  Palak Jayswal September quickly turned into a month of nostalgia for me. It’s always interesting to be able to turn back to old art — whether it’s music, tv or a good book — and relive the feelings you experienced when you first consumed it. For me, September consisted of reminis...

Binge Bytes: ‘Armchair Expert’

(Design by Ashlyn Cary | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

October 26, 2019

Podcasts give us so much information. They make us laugh, provide financial wisdom, talk about the latest crazy inventions, or give us advice on this, that and the other thing,“Armchair Expert” by actor Dax Shepard brings a whole new subject matter to the table. Shepard describes his series as...

Artistic Opportunity on Block 70

(Photo by Jermy Thomas | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

October 22, 2019

Since this article has been published, the Block 70 project has been postponed. The Public Art Program is currently considering a new timeline to bring back the program in 2020. Artists in Salt Lake City are blessed with the amount of support and opportunity created by the local art community. Th...

To Binge or Not To Binge Episode 62: ‘The Politician’

(Graphic by Hannah Allred | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer

October 14, 2019

  This article contains mild spoilers for "The Politician." One beautiful aspect of Netflix is all the original content. We can acknowledge there have been some flops, but there have also been several phenomenal works of film. "The Politician," created by Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan...