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“Cats” Closes off the Musical Theatre Program Year—a review

By Cate Heiner

April 24, 2017

The University of Utah's Musical Theatre Program senior class is bringing their careers to a close as they showcase their skills in “Cats.” One of the longest running musicals in Broadway’s history, "Cats" originated as a collection of poems by T.S. Elliot and includes songs written by Andrew...

Bringing “Cats” to the U—a preview


By Cate Heiner

April 18, 2017

Best known for its unusual story line, Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" is the senior showcase performance for the University of Utah's Musical Theatre Program this year. Based on the collection of poetry, “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Elliot, the show explores a tribe of "Jellicle"...

Play-by-Play: Nazism and morals figure in “The Ice Front”

Photo credit: Christopher Ayers

By Cate Heiner

April 13, 2017

In their final Play-by-Play reading, Pioneer Theatre Company brings the drama and tension of World War II to the stage. The Play-by-Play series allows audiences to see new work in a more intimate and immediate setting. These are not full productions—actors perform with scripts in hand, typically...

“Dear Love is Bought with the Loss of Dear Love”: U Theatre Presents “The Two Noble Kinsmen”

Photo by Todd Collins

By Cate Heiner

April 12, 2017

In an explosive finale to their season, the Department of Theatre brings war and love center stage in “The Two Noble Kinsmen.” Their story opens with a celebration and a tragedy, as three queens plead for King Theseus to avenge their husbands’ deaths. The audience then meets young Palamon and...

“The Two Noble Kinsmen”: A Look at the Playwright(s)

Photo by Todd Collins.

By Cate Heiner

April 6, 2017

“Prepare for strangeness,” Tim Slover advised. Known for his most recent work “Virtue” at Plan B Theatre Company, the local playwright recently turned his pen to Shakespeare in conjunction with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Play On! Project, producing “The Two Noble Kinsmen,” originally...

“The Two Noble Kinsmen”: The Actor Round Table Transcript

The cast from The Two Noble Kingsman during a roundtable discussion with Daily Utah Chronicle writer Cate Heiner on March 24, 2017. Adam Fondren for the Daily Utah Chrnicle.

By Cate Heiner

April 4, 2017

In preparation for the upcoming production of "The Two Noble Kinsmen" through the Department of Theatre, I met with four of the student actors participating. The discussion included input from Brandt Garber, playing Arcite; Kali Scott, playing the Jailer's Daughter; Ashley Ramos, playing Emilia; and...

“The Two Noble Kinsmen”: From the Actor Perspective

The cast from The Two Noble Kingsman during a roundtable discussion with Daily Utah Chronicle writer Cate Heiner on March 24, 2017. Adam Fondren for the Daily Utah Chrnicle.

By Cate Heiner

April 3, 2017

Honor, family, love and hate all take the stage with the Department of Theatre’s final production of the season, “The Two Noble Kinsmen.” In a round table interview, members of the cast discussed their work on the production and what audiences can look forward to. “The play, especially when...

“The Two Noble Kinsmen”: Meet the Dramaturg

By Cate Heiner

March 31, 2017

  When describing the requirements for a theatrical production, the term “dramaturg” may sound unusual even to those involved. Dramaturgs often provide essential aid and background to the cast and creative teams as the play is developed, however. This can include historical research, ba...

PTC Succeeds with ‘King Charles III’ (review)

PTC Succeeds with 'King Charles III' (review)

By Cate Heiner

March 29, 2017

For even a modest anglophile, the way Mike Bartlett's “King Charles III” pairs intrigue with British monarchy, political drama and family tensions in Pioneer Theatre Company’s current production is sure to be engaging. The performance manages to combine the honorable duty of public figures with...

Looking into the Royal Family with PTC’s ‘King Charles III’ (preview)

By Cate Heiner

March 24, 2017

After exploring the worlds of shipbuilding, American classics and the Cold War as a musical concert, Pioneer Theatre brings the British monarchy to the stage in "King Charles III." Nominated for the 2015 Tony Award for Best Play, "King Charles III" sends audiences into the near future with current...