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‘Othello’ Succeeds Even in Tight Spaces

Courtesy Haley Pulsipher

January 20, 2017

Directed by Haley Puslipher, this weekend's production of "Othello" marks the first undergraduate student-directed play at the U. The show had a successful run of five performances comprised of an all-student cast. It closed Monday, Jan. 16. The performance space for this particular piece provided...

‘Othello’ Tackles Gender and Race

Courtesy Haley Pulsipher

January 12, 2017

“When holding a weapon, it’s important to always hold it towards your vital organs,” Adriana Lemke, fight choreographer for the upcoming production of “Othello” jokes. It’s the week before performances begin, and school isn’t officially in session, but the cast and crew of “Othello”...

PTC’s ‘Fences’ preview

January 10, 2017

  This January, Pioneer Theatre Company brings another American classic to their stage, opening the new year with “Fences" on January 6. “Fences” comes at a more than appropriate time as the story centers around the African-American Maxson family in Pittsburg during the 1950s. Tron Maxson...

The Musical Theatre Ensemble: An Introduction

The Musical Theatre Ensemble: An Introduction

December 8, 2016

Here on campus, we have a variety of excellent performing groups to sample. Some, like the University of Utah Singers, have been around for years, while others are just beginning to get off the ground. This year marks the opening season for the Musical Theatre Ensemble (MTE), a new performing group...

Children and U Students Join PTC’s Professional Cast in ‘Oliver!’

Children and U Students Join PTC's Professional Cast in 'Oliver!'

December 1, 2016

After the regional premier of “The Last Ship” and the American classic “The Glass Menagerie,” Pioneer Theatre Company is taking on a tale of Dickensian London. Coming up next to the stage is the musical classic “Oliver!” “Oliver!” originally premiered on Broadway in 1963 and has been...

Social Commentary on Stage: When Politics and Theatre Collide

November 29, 2016

Political commentary is inescapable these days. Whether delivered by online news feed or social media, the internet is abuzz with concerns and fears as we face the future. Amongst all this, it may be easy to write off artistic pursuits as nothing but a distraction, something to watch while the world outsid...

‘Beautiful’ at the Eccles Theater

'Beautiful' at the Eccles Theater

November 21, 2016

While the name Carole King may not be immediately familiar, chances are you’ve listened to her music. From working as a songwriter at the music publishing house 1650 Broadway to having her album "Tapestry" top the charts, Carol King’s shoot to stardom was nothing if not extraordinary. “Beautiful:...

‘A Requiem for August Moon’ Kicks Off Play-by-Play Series

By Klubbit (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

November 10, 2016

Pioneer Theatre Company opens their Play-by-Play reading series this weekend. Though these readings are often stripped down to no design elements, the Play-by-Play provides a unique opportunity for audiences to experience new work as it is developed. Typically in theater, workshops are the go-to when...

Putting Science Center Stage: Department of Theatre Presents ‘Arcadia’

November 10, 2016

This season, the Department of Theatre has brought a wide assortment of stories to the stage. Productions have subjects ranging from serial killers to high school students, rural Florida to a national cheerleading competition. The upcoming play this month is no different as theater takes on an entirely...

Salt Acting Company Brings “Winter”

Salt Acting Company Brings

November 4, 2016

This season, the Salt Lake Acting Company has produced “Winter,” a new play by Julie Jensen. Inspired by a portion of the book "Ending Life: Ethics and the Way We Die," by Margaret Pabst Battin, "Winter" examines how we handle issues of aging, illness and death. The play itself is not as dire ...