The Daily Utah Chronicle

Find food and fun at the Utah State Fair this weekend

September 11, 2015

Early each September, flocks of Utahns head to the Utah State Fairpark to enjoy fried, double-fried and triple-fried foods of massive proportions, among other things, at the State Fair. Here, visitors can sample some of Utah's locally produced delights and feast on fair staples. While food options are...

Night at the Museum: Fine Arts Meet College Party

September 8, 2015

Have you ever wanted to attend an event but were afraid of going alone? The U's "The Party Kickoff," sponsored by the College of Fine Arts and powered by the Arts Pass has got you covered. Throughout the year, The Party will provide information for upcoming art events that are free or mostly free to...

UMFA Chamber Music Series: Combining Live Music with Great Works of Art

September 6, 2015

Moviegoers have an expectation that when they pay to watch a movie, there will be music to match. They are so trained to expect it, in fact, that they instantly notice when a movie deviates from this norm. With this pairing of visuals and music, It shouldn't be too surprising to imagine paintings with...

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