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Madge is thrilled to be arts editor for her second year now. She is an English major and Theater minor graduating this spring May 2019. While she will be sorry to leave her amazing writers and friends behind she can't wait for whatever comes next and, more importantly, she can't wait to write about it.

Classical Indian Dance in Salt Lake City

Classical Indian Dance in Salt Lake City

By Madge Slack

April 25, 2019

  The tradition of Indian dance goes back as far as the people's rich cultural history. It is deeply interwoven with Hinduism and is beautiful for its precision and comprehensive storytelling. Every minute detail from the angle of the eyes in relation to the tension in the fingers has a meaning. T...

Goodbye, Daily Utah Chronicle. Yes, Yes, We Promise We’ll Call.

(Photo by: Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Madge Slack, Emily Anderson, Greyson Harness, Christina Giardinelli, Zach Janis, Kristiane Sonnenberg, Andrea Alvarado, Aiden Keenan, Amy Loret, Katelyn Collett, Mandi Johansen, Alli Milne, and Ashlyn Cassity

April 25, 2019

Emily Anderson: Editor-in-Chief Every Sonic Youth song longer than five minutes (most of them). Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Training for a marathon — or, even, a half marathon. That was a list of things I’ve started and never finished. I feel like I’m ending my tenure as edit...

Finals with a Theatrical Twist: Seniors in Theater Showcase Their Growing Talents

(Courtesy of MTP '19)

By Madge Slack

April 25, 2019

  This article was originally published in print on April 22. It’s that time of year when seniors all around campus are sending out graduation announcements, completing final essays and studying for what might be the last finals that they'll ever take. In the midst of all this chaos, fi...

Not All Angels Have Wings: We Need More Than Just Special Shots and Tech-Savvy Bras to Stop Sexual Assault

(Photo by Alice Lee | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Madge Slack

April 17, 2019

  “Rape is the only violent crime in Utah that occurs at a higher rate than the rest of the nation,” according to One in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in Utah, and one in eight will be raped. Our rape rate is 63.7 per 100,000 women, compared to ...

Our Favorite Campus Eats for the Starving Student

(Photo by Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Madge Slack, Palak Jayswal, Josh Petersen, Marshall Falkner, Abigail Raasch, Alaikia Marielle, Christopher Payne, Alison Myers, Yixin Song, Ray Gill, and Sofia Sant'Anna-Skites

April 3, 2019

  It's a well-known fact that food is necessary for survival. However, until the age of nearly 18, and sometimes older, we don't control this all-important factor in our success as a species. Our food is cultured, prepared and served to us by various forms of authority: parents, cafeteria ladies,...

April Events Calendar

(Courtesy of The Clothesline Project)

By Madge Slack

March 27, 2019

  The Clothesline Project March 4 - April 27 | Eccles Health Sciences Library The Clothesline Project is an interactive art exhibit currently sweeping universities. A series of T-shirts decorated or designed by survivors or in honor of survivors are on display. The exhibit is free to view. ...

‘Men on Boats:’ A Flowing Triumph of Adventure and Danger

By Madge Slack

March 3, 2019

  “Men on Boats” is a rather ambiguous title for a play and, to be honest, it suits a rather ambiguous play. This charming tale starts out adrift and slowly brings the audience in as viewers figure out what on earth is happening. In a credit to director Sarah Shippobotham’s casting choice...

The 2019 Oscars Ceremony: Trifles and Triumphs

The 2019 Oscar Awards Nominees were announced on January 22, 2019. courtesy Flickr.

By Madge Slack and Josh Petersen

February 27, 2019

  Slack: As Much a Political Commentary as an Award Show Well, the Oscars are over. Along with a night of some truly shocking fashion choices, we now have 2019’s winners and a clear precedent set by the Acadamy. “Black Panther” went home with three awards for Best Original Score, Best Production...

Events Board is Here to Help U

Jeremih performing at the University of Utah 2016 Redfest at the Student Union building plaza on Friday, September 16, 2016
(Photo by Kiffer Creveling | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Madge Slack

February 25, 2019

  ASUU plans more events in a year than the average student realizes. Their events board puts together 30-32 events per year and ASUU altogether puts together around 60, which the events board also helps to coordinate. There are 14 different boards within ASUU and each board has a series of ...

‘Xx:’ Modern Dance’s First Senior Concert Promises Intrigue

(Courtesy University of Utah School of Dance)

By Madge Slack

February 23, 2019

  "Xx" will premiere on Feb. 28 as the first of two modern dance concerts choreographed by University of Utah seniors. The opportunity for students at the U to choreograph and stage their pieces is a wonderful learning tool. Plus, U students can get in for free to be inspired by their peer’...