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School’s Out for Summer

Graphics by Rachel Wesemann

By Sara Wilcox

May 2, 2018

Summer vacation is the best time of year. No school, warm weather and endless things to do. How do you make the most of your summer vacation? Whether you’re looking for something worthwhile or looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of the top five best ways to spend your...

Food for Thought: Snacks For Studies

Various berries

By Sara Wilcox

April 20, 2018

The time for finals is approaching quickly and the thought of having to excessively study can be overwhelming. Spending hours studying can do more harm than good with unhealthy habits. Eating the right snacks can help keep you focused and boost your memory. I usually drink a lot of coffee and random s...

Pygmalion Theatre Company Presents “Red Bike”

Red Bike

By Sara Wilcox

April 17, 2018

Pygmalion Theatre Company is closing their season with the production of “Red Bike.” This play, written by Caridad Svich, is a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere directed by Fran Pruyn.  The story comes from the perspective of a pre-adolescent kid who is coming to see the world i...

Funding a Blockbuster

Photo Illustration by Ashlyn Cary

By Sara Wilcox

April 17, 2018

As technology becomes more advanced and is incorporated into more films, movie budgets increase. Surprisingly, movies produced in 2017 aren’t in the top 10 most expensive films ever made. Let’s take a look at the most expensive movies made in 2017: 10. “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” “Valerian and the City of a Thousand...

The Physics Department Presents “Copenhagen”

Richard Scharine as Niels Bohr

By Sara Wilcox

April 9, 2018

CORRECTION: A typing error dated the Heisenberg-Bohr meeting in 1931. The sentence has been corrected to the proper year of 1941. Anybody who has taken a chemistry class has most likely heard the name Niels Bohr. He was an atomic physicist known for creating one of the first structural models of the...

To Binge or Not To Binge Episode 14: “Empire”

Hulu Logo

By Sara Wilcox

March 29, 2018

T.V. dramas have dominated network television for decades. They can be separated into different subgenres such as courtroom dramas, crime shows, reality T.V., medical dramas and more. Regardless of the subgenre, you can expect a lot of drama. The T.V. series “Empire” is no different. “Empire...

Recipes for Disaster

Recipes for Disaster

By Sara Wilcox

March 18, 2018

If you look on Pinterest or Google, you can find recipes made for college students on a budget. Many of these recipes have been altered to be made in a microwave for college students living in dorm rooms without access to a kitchen. At first glance, these recipes look simple and convenient, but they're...

Why We Wear Green

People wearing green

By Sara Wilcox

March 17, 2018

Every March 17, out comes the green clothes, jewelry and accessories. Restaurants sell green foods and beverages, especially alcoholic ones. Those who don’t wear green get pinched as punishment. Why do we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? And where did this tradition come from? University of Utah...

The U Department of Theatre presents “Up (The Man in the Flying Chair)”

Cast of

By Sara Wilcox

March 6, 2018

The department of theatre at University of Utah is proud to present the dramatic comedy "Up (The Man in the Flying Chair)." Written by Bridget Carpenter, this story exhibits both the freedoms and dangers of following an impossible dream. "Up (The Man in the Flying Chair)," directed by the head of...

“Black Panther: The Album” is Another Testament to Kendrick Lamar’s Greatness

Kendrick Lamar

By Sara Wilcox

February 27, 2018

It’s not a coincidence that Kendrick Lamar is said to have changed the game every time he releases an album. CNN named him “one of the most electrifying and socially significant performers in entertainment.” His latest release “Black Panther: The Album” has soared to the number one spot...

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