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Presidents circle at the University of Utah Monday September 14, 2015. (Chronicle Archives)

Letter: Independent Review Committee Response to Chronicle Op-Ed

By Professor Amos N. Guiora February 2, 2021

  I write as Chair of the Independent Review Committee in response to an article that recently appeared in The Daily Utah Chronicle entitled “Reese: U Students Need and Deserve a Transparent...

(Courtesy Samar Alzadjali)

Letter: Utah Needs to Reduce Its Plastic Consumption

By Samar Alzadjali December 13, 2020

  Plastic bag consumption is increasing as populations and needs are increasing. “Around 4 to 5 trillion plastic bags were created in 2002” and “roughly 80% of those bags were used in North...

Cars parked in a campus parking lot. Chronicle archives.

Letter: Why Emissions Testing May Do More Harm Than Good

By Gabrielle Adkison December 11, 2020

  Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind emissions testing is perfectly sound and I am in full support of taking measures to improve our air quality. Yet, I must admit that I have some serious concerns...

Pay lot kiosk in the Union Parking Lot. (Chronicle archives)

Letter: Your Parking or Your Life

By Margot Porter November 23, 2020

  As a University of Utah student, you know what I love seeing on campus? “NO STUDENT PARKING” signs. I’m not joking — I legitimately wish we had less student parking available. Surprised?...

President Circle at the University of Utah | Chronicle archives.

Letter: Colleges Need to Listen to Students this Spring

By Landon Troester November 16, 2020

  The Fall 2020 semester is approaching its endgame. For the main campus, classes are slated to end on Dec. 3 and finals should be completed by Dec. 11. As we approach the end of the semester,...

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Letter: Want a Future with Carbon-Free Energy? Look to Nuclear.

  We, the American Nuclear Society Student Chapters here in the Western United States, are engaged in researching advanced power generation, seeking meaningful employment for students and learning...

(Photo by Curtis Lin/ Daily Utah Chronicle)

Letter: Black Books Matter

  With the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling in 1954, the institutional racism plaguing public schools in America was first addressed. Unfortunately, implicit and explicit...

A sign above the entrance to the University of Utah Hospital on the University of Utah Medical Campus, Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, September 13th, 2019. (Photo by Mark Draper | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Letter: Becoming a Physician Assistant During a Pandemic

  Healthcare has an entirely different meaning this year. It is needless to say that this pandemic has changed the lives of many people in countless ways. Those working on the frontlines risking...

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Letter: Let’s Use the Pandemic to Solve our Mental Health Crisis

By Jana Richardson and Molly Nelson October 10, 2020

  I worked with a thirteen-year-old boy last year who talked back to the teacher and often became disruptive in class. He had a behavior contract with his teachers, so he left class one day to...

(Courtesy Pixabay)

Letter: ProctorU Raises Ethical Concerns

By Devon Cantwell and Zach Stickney October 8, 2020

  Malcolm opens the computer he has borrowed from a friend. He normally takes his exams on his Chromebook, tablet or phone, but his biology class uses a proctoring software that only works with...