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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Columnist’s stance on LDS website prejudiced

April 15, 2013

Editor: I found Rose Jones’ comments regarding the LDS stance on LGBT matters more biased, bigoted and ignorant than anything the LDS church has ever said. The LDS church does not discriminate against...

Letters to the Editor: Anti-abortion doesn’t mean anti-LGBT

April 11, 2013

Editor: In Rose Jones’ column, “Eugenics and anti-abortion both white-male sentiments” (Opinion, April 2), she draws an exaggerated connection between sterilization and opposing abortion rights and...

Letters to the Editor: Columnists: tackle issues, do not accuse

April 11, 2013

Editor: A recent issue of The Daily Utah Chronicle carried an opinion piece and a cartoon attacking the motives and the activities of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC — “United...

Letter to the Editor: Divestment from fossil fuels offers the U no downside

March 19, 2013

Editor: Divestment from fossil fuel companies is one of the most effective, low-risk and common sense actions the U can take to combat the current and future impacts of climate change. Our administration...

Letter to the Editor: The U’s delay of Winslow investigation uncalled for

March 19, 2013

Editor: The U has now commenced a long overdue investigation to examine numerous charges made by student-athletes and their parents from the swimming and diving program. I am one of the parents who has...

Letter to the Editor: Debate comments offensive

March 1, 2013

Editor: I recently listened to the radio broadcast of the ASUU election debates. I have friends running for both parties, so I wanted to support both sides. As far as I could tell, in my opinion the HOUSE...

Bicycles should be restricted to edges of campus to avoid injuries

By March 7, 2011

Editor: Bicycles on campus walkways are hazardous to the common student, and banning them through the middle of campus should be seriously considered. On multiple occasions I have felt a rush of terror...

Parking punishments too strict

By December 9, 2009

Editor:Monday night I headed to the Warnock Engineering Building to finish an unnecessary lab report, and I parked between two handicapped spots in the yellow lined area. What a monster I must be for doing...

Condom column inappropriate

By and December 7, 2009

Editor:I enjoyed your special issue about the classic competition between Utah and BYU football. We strongly compete, but when either football team plays with another team, we cheer for the other (at least...

New system in library makes research harder

By November 23, 2009

Editor:As a Marriott Library patron, I'm writing to second retired librarian Raymond Daoust's frustration with the library's Automated Retrieval Center ("Innovation replaces service," Nov. 19).Last week,...