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Burton: It’s Time to Fix Our Campaign Finance System

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer October 28, 2020

  The commercials being shown on TV for the past few weeks have been interesting, especially the campaign-related ads. Some of the most memorable include lurid music and imagery, musing on how Congressman...

Shireen Ghorbani, a candidate for SL County mayor. (Courtesy of Shireen Ghorbani)

Cushman: Shireen Ghorbani for Salt Lake County Council

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer October 28, 2020

  Shireen Ghorbani currently serves on the Salt Lake County Council as a member at large, representing every constituent in the county. Before taking on her role as a council member, Ghorbani ran...

Salt lake resident shows their support for Biden-Harris presidency on Thursday, October 29th, 2020. (Photo by Maya Fraser | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Weglinski: Want to Uphold RBG’s Legacy? Vote Trump Out

By Sonia Weglinski, Opinion Writer October 28, 2020

  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died recently at the age of 87. She was the second woman to ever hold a position in the high court, and she fought avidly for women’s rights and gender...

Consitutional Amendment C on the 2020 Utah ballot (Photo by Mark Draper | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Soter: Vote Yes on Amendments A & C

By Theadora Soter, Multimedia Managing Editor October 27, 2020

  I’ve never voted before. If it were as simple as Joe vs. Donald, I wouldn’t be writing this op-ed. The list of people and policies on the ballot is daunting: state and local offices, judges,...

People cast their votes during the Midterm Elections 2018 at the Salt Lake County Building in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday October 23, 2018.

(Photo by Curtis Lin | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Kincart: Prioritize Students on Election Day

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer October 27, 2020

  In mid-October, the ASUU Academic Senate passed a resolution to make Nov. 3, Election Day, an asynchronous learning day with no work due on the 3rd or 4th. They also passed a second resolution...

(Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Poma: Undecided Voter? Skip the Negative Ads and Do Some Research

By Sasha Poma, Assistant Opinion Editor October 22, 2020

  Election Day is just weeks away, and some Utah candidates have resorted to negative campaign tactics in a sad, last-minute attempt to sway voters. With an already strange presidential election,...

(Illustration by Alex Garcia | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Reese: Mail-In Voting Is Safe and Efficient

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer October 21, 2020

  The eyes of the nation and the world were on the University of Utah when we hosted the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate. I was lucky enough to attend the debate in person as a student volunteer,...

Gender inclusion procedures must be adopted by each local school board in the state of Utah to help foster widespread acceptance in our communities and facilitate greater visibility for students and faculty who are gender non-conforming. (Courtesy Flickr)

Barron: Vote No on Amendment G

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer October 21, 2020

  None of the constitutional amendments on Utah’s 2020 ballot are as flashy as Prop 2 — the 2018 ballot measure that legalized medical marijuana — but if ratified, these amendments will have...

People casted their votes during the Midterm Elections 2018 at the Salt Lake County Building in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday October 23, 2018.(Photo by Curtis Lin | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Burton: The 2020 Election Will Test Our Electoral System’s Integrity

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer October 17, 2020

  Despite the reputation of presidential elections as being highly contentious, they have also rightfully maintained the peaceful transition of power from one president to another. Incumbents finish...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints office building in Salt Lake City photographed on August 28th, 2020. (Photo by Gwen Christopherson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Alexander: LDS Leaders Support Unity, Inclusivity and Justice. That’s Code for Biden.

By CJ Alexander, Special Projects Managing Editor October 17, 2020

  It’s no surprise that religious leaders have been silent on issues regarding racism and politics. Many religious leaders keep false unity intact by either neglecting to speak on “partisan”...

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