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Proposed Dixie partnership not good for either school

December 10, 2008

The proposed partnership between the U and Dixie State College is struggling again.The plan to turn Dixie into a U satellite campus under the title U of U-St. George has been plagued by controversy on...

Campus not accessible for disabled

By By Anne Roper December 9, 2008

By Anne RoperIn the spirit of the season, I was feeling thankful one day for my ability to climb stairs on my way to and from class. Less than a minute after I had this thought, I saw a man on crutches."Well,...

Hatch put artist above the law

By By Logan Campbell December 9, 2008

By Logan CampbellSen. Orrin Hatch's latest bizarre foray into the music industry appears to have landed him a capable recording partner in John Forté, a former member of the Fugees and a record producer...

Economy hits students hard

By By Brian Trick December 9, 2008

By Brian TrickIn 2007, Utah had the fastest growing economy in the country at 5.3 percent growth, according to a June news release by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Utah is now one of 31 states facing...

Online dating: Flirting with Danger?

By By Emily Rodriguez-Vargas December 8, 2008

By Emily Rodriguez-VargasThink about how much traditions, hobbies and activities have changed in the past few decades. Shopping, playing games and even dating can all be done without human contact. Instead...

Defense of judge rejection not factual

December 8, 2008

Editor:I am responding to Steven Warrick's opinion piece ("Hilder rejection justified," Dec. 3). As the judge who was not confirmed to the appellate bench, I am not writing to argue the merits of the Senate...

Forum: Racism still prevalent

By By Allison Johnson, Staff Writer December 8, 2008

By Allison Johnson, Staff WriterDebra Daniels remembers the pain she felt hearing racial slurs while going to elementary school in Ogden as one of the few black students in the 1960s."One of the biggest...

America should take a stand for rights of unborn

By By Samuel Passi December 8, 2008

By Samuel PassiWhen someone dies, it is sad. When someone takes another's life, it is tragic. When a country permits the act of taking another's life, it is wrong. Who are we as Americans? What do we...

Moral arguments distract from abortion prevention

By By Joey Richards December 8, 2008

By Joey RichardsThe topic of "when life begins" has been going back and forth for a couple of weeks now in The Chronicle, with the arguments falling into two major camps. The first group claims embryos...

Scammers shouldn’t discourage donations to homeless people

By By Alicia Williams December 8, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsPast experiences often lead people to be a little harsh toward homeless individuals begging for help. Especially after watching KUTV 2News in April 2008, "Professional Pan Handler: Girl...