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Diplomacy is nothing compared to a full stomach

By By Douglas L. York October 5, 2008

By Douglas L. YorkCAMP LIBERTY, Iraq8212;The world we live in is often full of strife, prejudice, anger and unfortunately, war. Sadly, there are few people, places or things, which offer sanctuary from...

Sewell misses the mark when it comes to Sallie Mae

By October 5, 2008

Editor:James Sewell's column ("Crisis crunches student loans," Sept. 30) misses the mark when discussing Sallie Mae's lending practices. While some lenders have stopped offering loans as a result of the...

Responsibility doesn?t end Nov. 4

By By Patrick Reimherr October 5, 2008

By Patrick ReimherrThere's never been a better time to get involved in politics. We have seen a historic primary process, an unprecedented level of interest in the general election and are in the home...

U employees need a lesson in hospitality

By By Anne Roper October 2, 2008

By Anne RoperI was relieved to make it through the ticket line at last week's football game without being accosted as I had been at the first game of the season. I wasn't prepared for that treatment. It's...

Drivers need to give cyclists room, not road rage

By By James Sewell October 2, 2008

By James SewellMany of us ride bikes. We ride them to work, to school, to dinner and drinks, to the homes of our friends. We ride morning, noon and night, the last being especially fraught with danger....

Proposed Wall Street bailout needs clarity, explanation

By By Aaron Shaddy October 2, 2008

By Aaron ShaddyWord is, the economy is in shambles. We're on the cusp of a new Great Depression. Some say it's just a recession, others say it'll fix itself8212;the market always does, except when it doesn't....

National crisis has local effect

By By Liz Carlston October 1, 2008

By Liz CarlstonThe financial crisis facing our country is said to be the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. Primarily rooted in bad debt owned by the mortgage industry, increasing fuel...

Student cheaters devalue degrees

By By Alicia Williams October 1, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsStudents cheat. Numerous studies have been conducted identifying the cause, but the ultimate fact is, as long as testing is used to evaluate knowledge, there will be cheating. What can...

Youth, online sites can tip election

By By Benjamin Dailey October 1, 2008

By Benjamin DaileyTack a few more points on the board for YouTube and Facebook. With an ever-growing influence, Facebook and YouTube seem to be taking the information world by storm. What were once recreation-based...

Young voters are mobilized

By By Heather Berg September 30, 2008

By Heather BergIt has long been a myth that college-age people do not care about elections and will always vote in low numbers. Typically, politicians do not spend as much time focusing on the younger...