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UTA posters mirror communist China

By and January 16, 2009

Editor:Somewhere between the "red sun in our hearts" and an unwritten rule lies a little red book. From its original publication in 1964 until its fall from favor in the late 1970s, Quotations from Chairman...

Sundance rooted in truth

By By Liz Carlston January 15, 2009

By Liz CarlstonEvery year, Utah plays host to one of the world's most respected film festivals. It's a global phenomenon found in the mountains of Utah that is easily accessible to locals across the Wasatch...

U student’s protest inspiring

January 15, 2009

Students looking for inspiration should look no further than a guy in their economics class.Living proof that one person can make a difference, U economics major Tim DeChristopher was a thorn in the side...

Bar smoking ban has flawed logic

By By Ross Solomon January 15, 2009

By Ross SolomonI'm going to let you all in on a little-known secret. I'm not supposed to say this, but I like you people, it goes: Not all bars used to allow smoking before the Jan. 1 smoking...

UTA tap system flawed

January 14, 2009

The U and UTA have been friends with benefits for years, but, now that we're facing a new electronic fare system, students might be hesitant to tap that. On Jan. 1 the Utah Transit Authority launched a...

Lessons to be learned from football

By By Steve Warrick January 14, 2009

By Steve WarrickThe significance of the Utes' Sugar Bowl victory on Jan. 2 reached well beyond football. Their complete domination of the higher-ranked Alabama team, when many like FOX commentator Barry...

Trick column pointless

January 14, 2009

Editor:"Utah seems to have a bad reputation for no reason at all." Brian Trick's entire column ("Utah deserves more respect," Jan. 13) hinges on this statement, which could only be described as tenuous...

Campers should be aware of CO poisoning

By By Jeffrey Jenkins January 14, 2009

By Jeffrey JenkinsUtah's natural landscape facilitates a myriad of outdoor activities that are among favorite pastimes of both the seasoned outdoorsman and the casual hiker. These prevalent activities...

U should provide more crime prevention

By By Eric Evans January 14, 2009

By Eric EvansWhen I approached my car and found that the passenger window had been broken, I took it pretty well. Any idiot could have guessed that the radio would be missing, so again I kept my calm....

Here’s to you, Heather

By By James Sewell January 13, 2009

By James SewellAs you adjust to the demands and expectations of yet another group of professors (or, just as likely, graduate teaching assistants like myself) for your Spring Semester classes, you might...