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Animal cruelty not worth it

December 3, 2008

Editor:In her recent column ("Animal research is clearly worth it," Dec. 1), Alicia Williams was so busy fearmongering over peaceful animal rights activists that many could've easily missed her weak arguments...

Hilder rejection justified

By By Steven Warrick December 3, 2008

By Steven WarrickThe Utah State Senate has received a lot of criticism for failing to confirm Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s nomination of Third District Judge Robert Hilder to fill a vacancy on the Utah Court...

Students should stop abusing grass

By By Anne Roper December 2, 2008

By Anne RoperI grew up in northwestern Iowa, where the verdant green grass grew without the aid of sprinklers on the rolling hills as far as the horizon. But still, my next-door neighbors would yell at...

Drinking at U games not a serious problem

By By Brian Trick December 2, 2008

By Brian TrickAs Benjamin Franklin said, "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." U students, unlike BYU students, are happy.During the past football season, U fans' drunkenness...

Shop local for holidays

By By Logan Campbell December 2, 2008

By Logan CampbellThis holiday season, consider locally owned Utah businesses first. Instead of increasing the profits of national chain retailers, you can help our economy a lot more by diverting even...

Smoke tax would be fine

December 2, 2008

Editor:Thank you for Zach Edmund's column, ("Smoking "sin tax' shouldn't get support." Dec. 1). After reading your column, I immediately signed the ACS CAN form letter in support of the tax increase. Without...

Animal rights protestors misrepresented

December 2, 2008

Editor:As one of the 16 people cited for "residential picketing," I strongly object to Alicia Williams' unsubstantiated claims ("Animal research is clearly worth it," Dec. 1) about animal research and...

More students need lessons in finance

By Emily Rodriguez-VargasChristmas is just around the corner, and for many, holiday shopping is on the top of the "things to do" list. With Christmas gift expectations popping out at us in ads, Christmas...

Proposed smoking tax shouldn’t get support

By By Zach Edmunds and By Zach Edmunds December 1, 2008

By Zach EdmundsThe American Cancer Society has created a campaign to raise the sales tax on cigarettes in Utah by $2 a pack, which would make Utah the most heavily taxed state for cigarettes. According...

Animal research worth the cost

By By Alicia Williams and By Alicia Williams December 1, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsAnimal rights activists protested outside the downtown Hilton on Nov. 19 wearing black, militant clothing and covering their faces. They said their anonymity was to show solidarity with...