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Future of higher ed doesn’t look bright

By September 28, 2008

It's not raining in Utah, according to Utah lawmakers. At least not yet.Higher education didn't get a break from the widespread budget cuts approved Friday by the Utah State Legislature as a reaction to...

Youth vote overlooked

By By Dustin Gardiner, Editor in Chief September 28, 2008

By Dustin Gardiner, Editor in ChiefYoung voters will be critical to the outcome of this election, if they bother to vote.Yes, we've all heard this tired line before.Cable news pundits and analysts continue...

Animal rights oganizations unreasonable

By By Aaron Shaddy September 25, 2008

By Aaron ShaddyThe Animal Liberation Front claimed credit Monday for releasing some 7,000 mink from a Kaysville farm. The extreme and loosely affiliated animal rights group said in a statement that three...

U should follow anti-idling campaign

By By Craig Forster September 24, 2008

By Craig ForsterImagine that for once you are getting a great start to your day on campus. You've dropped off your three carpool buddies and you are now waiting in a campus parking lot with the motor running,...

Pappas should show some class

By September 24, 2008

Editor:The sexual metaphor used in Nick Pappas' column ("Team should set its standards higher," Sept. 24) was offensive and inappropriate. A person who is inebriated is incapable of giving informed sexual...

Celebrity fixation a sad commentary

By By Liz Carlston September 24, 2008

By Liz CarlstonAmerica has a love-hate relationship with celebrities. We're quick to buy the magazines and tune in to the entertainment news channel with an unquenchable fascination with the lives of the...

Utes struggle to win blood drive because of unwillingness to be involved

By By Alicia Williams September 24, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsWhile lounging in the bloodmobile early in the afternoon on Sept. 12 with a needle stuck in my arm, I realized the U just might have a chance to win this year's blood drive. At 825 units,...

Hinckley Institute a valuable asset to U students

By September 23, 2008

The Hinckley Institute of Politics has raised the bar.Between conducting a comprehensive U student straw poll, attracting phenomenal speakers, and providing on-site student coverage of the 2008 presidential...

Anti-gun presidential candidates show affection for second amendment

By By Steven Warrick September 23, 2008

By Steven WarrickOne of the more amusing things I noticed in the 2008 election is efforts of longtime anti-gun candidates to declare their support for the Second Amendment. However, ultimately they still...

Married student health insurance not affordable

By By Jeffrey Jenkins September 23, 2008

By Jeffrey JenkinsThe ever-increasing cost of health care and health insurance is still plaguing the United States. According to the National Coalition on Health Care nearly 47 million Americans were uninsured...