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LDS liquor statement a step forward

By By Anne Roper and By Anne Roper September 22, 2008

By Anne RoperI was sitting on a bench outside a restaurant, waiting for both a table and my date so we could eat something before making a mad dash to see "Cats." He was late. I was not surprised. Soon...

Financial crisis just one of many problems

By By James Sewell and By James Sewell September 22, 2008

By James SewellWith each passing day, the financial crisis that's wreaking havoc on Wall Street seems to get worse, and this past week the federal government initiated an extraordinary series of steps...

Red fest sound tests uncalled for during class hours

By and September 22, 2008

Editor:I spend all afternoon Thursdays in class in OSH. Usually the noisiest it gets around there is the industrial-strength lawn mowers, which are annoying, but tolerable. Last week brought the word "noise"...

Students should take advantage of Alternative Fall Break

By and September 22, 2008

Instead of taking a road trip or going boating for Fall Break, 50 U students will devote their time to service.Complementing the popular Alternative Spring Break program, the Bennion Community Service...

Students should sleep more, use less caffeine

By By Gina Lea Nickl September 21, 2008

By Gina Lea NicklNoDoze, coffee, energy drinks and caffeinated sodas are a part of many college students' educational experience. More and more students are getting less sleep. This seems like an obvious...

Chaffetz immigration reform offensive

By By Zach Edmunds September 21, 2008

By Zach EdmundsJason Chaffetz is running for a seat in Congress that represents Utah's 3rd District. In November, Chaffetz will square off with Democratic challenger and underdog Bennion Spencer for what...

Redfest not so green

By September 21, 2008

Editor:Redfest Goes Green? Don't red and green make brown? All I saw were trash cans full of plastic cups and Styrofoam containers. If ASUU is going to claim to be green and use the recycling symbol in...

UMFA lines for exhibit disappointing

By September 18, 2008

Editor,I would like to express my frustration and disappointment in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Monet to Picasso exhibit. A week ago, I went to the museum to purchase tickets for my mother and...

Legacy Parkway will ease commute

By By Anne Roper September 18, 2008

By Anne RoperSaturday was definitely a day to write in my diary about. I cheered on the Utes in Logan as they dished out a delicious win. I realized my goal of meeting Crazy Lady and getting my picture...

Foster?s death a tragedy

By By James Sewell September 18, 2008

By James SewellA few years ago, my friend gave me a book to read, saying he thought it was something that was up my alley and that I might really enjoy. Infinite Jest clocked in at 1,079 pages (in his...