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Legislature should help struggling students

By By Anne Roper November 4, 2008

By Anne RoperWith the economy going the way it is, I have trained myself to expect bad news when I open The New York Times.However, I had just a glimmer of hope left that economic repercussions would leave...

Miller movie choices hypocritical

By By Zach Edmunds November 4, 2008

By Zach EdmundsSeth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks are starring in the movie "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." "Lifelong platonic friends Zack (Rogen) and Miri (Banks) look to solve their respective cash flow problems...

Conservative paper shares its name with communists’

By November 4, 2008

Editor:Does anyone happen to recall the newspaper of the Russian Communist Party? It was Pravda, or in English, The Truth. What a tasty little bit of irony!Erik Wieben,Sophomore, Music Education Major#post_author_author,...

Those against abortion are missing the point

By November 4, 2008

Editor:Abortion is not about "murdering babies."Abortion is about the right of women to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy that might have resulted from a terrible experience, such as rape, the horrible news...

Proposition 8 bigoted, not worth fighting for

By By Logan Campbell November 4, 2008

By Logan CampbellIf you find yourself supporting legal action to suppress gay rights, don't worry8212;you are not the first group in America guilty of xenophobia. The Constitution set in motion a future...

Republican rule has been disastrous for Utah, U.S.

By By Oakley Gordon November 3, 2008

By Oakley GordonTuesday our great nation will hold one of the most important elections in its history. This is an opportunity for America to remove its inept rulers and replace them with bold and visionary...

Make Darfur genocide known

By By Samuel Totten November 3, 2008

By Samuel TottenWith the presidential election season coming to a close and a horrendous economic crisis looming, it is easy for us to forget that there are individuals and groups across the globe who...

Change is coming

By By Tim Chambless November 3, 2008

By Tim ChamblessChange. Utah voters have heard both Barack Obama and John McCain declare that "change is coming." Utah Democrats and Utah Republicans differ on the exact meaning of that word. Utah independent...

18-year-olds too young for drinking or military

By By Alicia Williams November 3, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsU leaders and the higher education community will have the unique opportunity of participating in the Amethyst Initiative Debate: Rethinking the Drinking Age, which calls for a discussion...

Don’t rush to say ‘I do’

By By Emily Rodriguez-Vargas November 3, 2008

By Emily Rodriguez-VargasSome students decide to get engaged and married faster than they decide which major to pursue. "The number of married students at the U is huge: about 40 to 50 percent of our student...