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Counseling needed for underage drinkers

By By Andrew Cengiz September 10, 2008

By Andrew CengizThere has been a lot of talk concerning binge drinking on campuses lately, but few of these conversations have dealt with the root of the problem. According to a 2004 study released by...

Credit a trap for students

By By Liz Carlston September 10, 2008

By Liz CarlstonCredit cards8212;they're easy to get, they're fun to use, and they can get you into a whole mess of trouble if you're not careful. More than 1.5 million college-age students in the United...

Students should support alert system

By By Gina Lea Nickl September 9, 2008

By Gina Lea NicklLast winter, after fighting a storm to get to class, I sat in an empty classroom for 15 minutes until I figured out no one was coming. I went to a friend's house and checked my e-mail....

UTA should conform to customers demand

By By James Sewell September 9, 2008

By James SewellIf there are any positives to be found in the meteoric rise in gas prices over the past few years, and the past few months in particular, one might look to the noticeable increase in pedestrian...

Palin not a good choice, people are fooled if they think so

By September 9, 2008

Editor,Yippee! Here we go again! America loved George Bush because he was the kind of guy you'd like to have a beer with. And look where that brand of mindless adoration got us. And now, America loves...

Give UCard a rest

By By Jeffrey Jenkins September 9, 2008

By Jeffrey JenkinsLarge portions of the U's 29,000 student population work and live off campus and commute to the U to attend classes. The U has students currently attending from all 50 Utah counties....

Students should be grateful despite library delays

By September 9, 2008

Editor,I am disappointed by the remarks in The Chronicle's house editorial ("Library delays are product of poor planning" Sept. 5). I am disappointed by the lack of understanding and appreciation for what...

Basic classrooms should be priority

By September 8, 2008

The Board of Regents recently placed a request for $28.5 million to build a new U School of Business at the top of its building priority list.The Utah Legislature will review the request during its spring...

U Book enriches college experience

By By Anne Roper September 8, 2008

By Anne RoperAs a senior in my final semester, I figured I should take advantage of my last football season as a student. A friend convinced me to join the MUSS, sealing the deal with the mention of a...

K-UTE should use ASUU funding, FM frequency, local bands

By By Andrew Cengiz September 8, 2008

By Andrew CengizThe U's radio station, KUTE 1620 AM, has a long history of struggling to survive and keep its funding.The last major funding cut occurred April 18, 2002, when the Associated Students of...