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Abramoff disgraceful by embezzling from Native American tribes

By By James Sewell September 8, 2008

By James SewellJack Abramoff was sentenced Sept. 4 to four years in federal prison for his lobbying activities in Washington, which included free dinners and junkets for senators, and embezzling money...

McCain a genius for picking Palin

By Drew Conrad, Hinckley Institute Journalism ProgramIf I could chose one word to describe the 2008 Republican Convention, that word would be genius. Genius in the choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain's...

McCain?s VP pick has too much on her plate

By By James Sewell September 4, 2008

By James SewellNo sooner had the finishing touches been placed on my previous column when yet another surprise fell into my opinionated lap: Sarah Palin, McCain's inexplicable VP choice, was soon to be...

Cartoon: Drug education

By By Kyle Merriman September 4, 2008

By Kyle MerrimanKevin Merriman#post_author_author, .post_author_avatar, .post_author_box{ display: none; }

Library construction delay shows poor planning

By September 4, 2008

The east entrance of the library is finally slated to reopen in October. The building was originally planned to open in August, but construction was delayed when the building failed to meet code. Violations...

U drug education program is missing the point

By By Aaron Shaddy September 4, 2008

By Aaron ShaddyFlipping through the Student Services Building's supposedly educational pamphlets on drug and alcohol will lead one to some absurd and even scary conclusions. Advice for alcohol is diverse,...

Buy at U’s new farmers market, support local economy

By By Anne Roper September 4, 2008

By Anne RoperAnyone whose path to class includes a walk past the Pioneer Memorial Theatre on Thursdays has probably noticed an unusual amount of hustle and bustle.The U has opted to host a farmers market...

Decline in student volunteers unacceptable

By By Alicia Williams September 3, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsThere could be hundreds of reasons why a person chooses to volunteer. Tim Sullivan wrote an article in October 2005 for the World Volunteer Web called "Army of volunteers helps quake...

ASUU doesn?t deliver on Red Pages

By September 3, 2008

Last year, the Focus party swept student government elections. One of the campaign promises made to students was the compilation of a "RedPages." The booklet was envisioned to be a sort of Yellow Pages...

Utah has debt problem

By By Andrew Cengiz September 3, 2008

By Andrew CengizThe Mafia was a great and respectable organization that loaned money to individuals at reasonable interest rates. That is true when you compare them to today's payday loan stores. According...