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Kindle not worth Granite’s money

By By Liz Carlston October 30, 2008

By Liz CarlstonThe Granite School District recently blew $52,773 on a product that is supposed to replace books. The district purchased 147 Amazon Kindles at $359 apiece in an effort to cut down on paper...

Take advantage of early voting

By October 29, 2008

U students can't wait for Election Day.According to Associated Students of the University of Utah Government Relations Board Director Andrew Jensen, voters are casting ballots at the U's early voting stations...

Republicans historically blue and democrats red

By By Steven Warrick October 29, 2008

By Steven WarrickOne of the most irritating things about the presidential election is the constant use of the term "red state" to describe those conservative states that tend to vote Republican and "blue...

LDS Church stance on proposition 8 illogical

By October 29, 2008

Editor:Proposition 8 in California remains hotly contested here in Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, more than 59,000 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have donated more...

Utahns should consider Springmeyer ticket

By By Emily Rodriguez-Vargas October 29, 2008

By Emily Rodriguez-VargasUnder the campaign slogan "Good Jobs, Good Education, Good Health," Bob Springmeyer and his running mate, Josie Valdez, seek to bring about real reform and development in these...

Parking better than it appears

By By Jeffrey Jenkins October 29, 2008

By Jeffrey JenkinsMaybe this has happened to you. You are running late for class on the day of a big test or an important presentation. You arrive at the parking lot only to find that even with the parking...

Social work department misused authority with pro-Obama e-mail

By By Anne Roper and By Anne Roper October 28, 2008

By Anne RoperMy friend Michelle recently received an e-mail from the social work program encouraging students to support Obama Blue Day by wearing blue and registering two voters. The worst part of the...

Rio Tinto greenwashing bad record

By By Logan Campbell and By Logan Campbell October 28, 2008

By Logan CampbellA new home for the Utah Museum of Natural History, the Rio Tinto Center, is the next green project to add to the list of measures the U is taking to become a more sustainable campus.Rio...

Benefits of flu shot outweigh risks

By By Alicia Williams and By Alicia Williams October 27, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsFall has officially fallen. Leaves have turned to a colorful arrangement of vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and lime greens. The air has become cool and crisp, and snow covers the peaks...

Utah could use better fight

By By Tom Nelson and By Tom Nelson October 27, 2008

By Tom NelsonThere are some phrases that will never be uttered within Utah's borders: "John Stockton and Karl Malone defeat Michael Jordan and the Bulls to win the NBA title" or, "In a stunning reversal,...