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Keep your cats indoors

October 10, 2008

Editor:In the late 1990s the census for domestic cats in the United States was 80 million. Domestic cats are responsible for the death of more than 1 million songbirds a day in the United States alone....

Hoffman’s response to column unbelievable

October 10, 2008

Editor:I would like to respond to Derek Hoffman's letter to the editor ("ASUU didn't break funding rule," Oct 7). I'm a student unaware of the details, and Hoffman did an excellent job of turning my opinion...

Palin not qualified to serve the American public

By By James Sewell October 10, 2008

By James SewellThe one and only vice presidential debate of this election season was held Oct. 2. I'd been rather eager to see the debate, especially after Gov. Sarah Palin's poor performances in just...

New building takes away from spirit of humanities

By By Aaron Shaddy October 10, 2008

By Aaron ShaddyA new humanities building? Doesn't that detract from the whole spirit of a humanities major?Sure, we needed it. God knows we complained a lot about it. OSH is a rusted and dilapidated bunker...

Students responsible for own graduation

October 9, 2008

Accepting responsibility is tough.Students' grievances with academic advisers are not a new problem. This year, as in past years, there will be plenty of students upset at advisers for providing misleading...

Students deserve use of lots during events and construction

October 9, 2008

Editor:Wednesday I arrived at school early so I could be in my seat when class started. But I found myself driving around the E lot by the Merrill Engineering Building for half an hour with numerous other...

Lenowitz’s claims about mural inaccurate and unprofessional

October 9, 2008

Editor:In his letter to the editor ("Anti-Semitic imagery portrayed in mural," Oct. 7), professor Harris Lenowitz asserts the artwork in the lobby of the new Tanner Humanities Building by Utah artist Pilar...

Gillis brings Girl Talk, controversy to Utah

By By Brian Trick October 9, 2008

By Brian TrickCome Oct. 30, Salt Lake City will be host to the biggest walking, talking, potential lawsuit known to the music industry. Girl Talk is a one-man band, made up of only Gregg Gillis, who originally...

Professors should take time and utilize teach-in option

By By Alicia Williams October 9, 2008

By Alicia WilliamsMost students didn't even realize the U held a weeklong teach-in two weeks ago. If you did, you are one of the lucky 1,500 students in a class taught by one of the 56 inspiring instructors...

Obama?s candidacy big step for America

By By Steven Warrick October 8, 2008

By Steven WarrickThe best way to increase the participation of women and minorities in the political process is emphasizing unity rather than diversity. Probably the most interesting aspect of the 2008...