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Weglinski: Debates Remind Us That Politicians Are Just People

Courtesy of Biden for President

By Sonia Weglinski, Opinion Writer

October 12, 2020

  Last Monday the University of Utah announced the randomly selected winners to attend the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate. The drawing pool started roughly with 4,200 students and then dwindled down to 300 for the final lottery. Our own President Ruth Watkins drew the last 60 numbers and — to my disbelief —  I was a part of the lucky 1.5%. With Trump being pot...

March on the VP Debate: A Photo Series

Police Officers assemble outside of The University of Utah in Salt Lake on October 7th, 2020. (Photo by Jake Stranzl | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Jake Stranzl and Jack Gambassi

October 9, 2020

The March At the Perimeter After Dark Signs ...

Barron: Vote for Economic Recovery, Vote Biden-Harris

The vice presidential debate on Oct. 7, 2020 at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City. (Photo by Natalie Colby | Daily Utah Chronicle.)

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

October 9, 2020

  No one was surprised that the economy was one of the nine topics selected for discussion during Wednesday's Vice Presidential Debate. With 12.6 million Americans currently unemployed and future layoffs looming over the country’s workforce, the health of our economy is weighing on the Amer...

Mora’s Top 5 Presidential First Pitches

Barack Obama Throws First Pitch 2010 Washington Nationals Opening day game. (Image via WikiMedia Commons)

By Sammy Mora, Sports Editor

October 6, 2020

  The presidential first pitch is a tradition that goes back to 1910 when President William Howard Taft threw out the first pitch at the Washington Senators' opening day game. While the first pitch looked vastly different from the first pitches we are accustomed to seeing now, every US Preside...

How the U’s ‘Circuit Breaker’ Period Is Affecting Arts Students

Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City on September 28th, 2020. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Parker Dunn, Assistant Arts Editor

October 5, 2020

  The University of Utah has gone into “circuit breaker” mode as of Sunday, Sept. 27. In preparation for the only vice presidential debate this election season — which the U will host at Kingsbury Hall on Oct. 7 — and with regard to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all classes and st...

The NFL’s Strange Saga in Response to Racial Justice

Roger Goodell taking questions at his State of the League press conference. (Image via Flickr)

By Justin Prather, Sports Writer

September 30, 2020

  Even though our own sporting events at the University of Utah have been put on hold, there is no shortage of professional sports to watch at the moment. Traditionally the fall favorite, in its first three weeks NFL football has had to compete with the NBA, NHL, MSL, NWSL and Professional Tenn...

Alexander: Want Life to Go Back to Normal? Vote for Biden

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaks at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah Campus on Dec. 13, 2018.

(Photo by: Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By CJ Alexander, Opinion Writer

September 29, 2020

  The novel coronavirus continues to bring out the best and worst in our political leadership. With a surge in outbreaks and the anticipation of a second wave of the virus, US citizens are becoming increasingly antsy about the upcoming election and the future of the nation. President Donald Tr...