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The Pie Pizzeria near by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah on Aug. 16, 2022.

The Pie Underground: Over 40 Years of Feeding Students

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer November 17, 2022

  Food is an integral part of the college experience. In these years of wandering, we each truly learn who we are in our relationship with food. Some gravitate towards top ramen on a hot plate...

John Behlmann, Alex Newell, Caroline Innerbichler and Andrew Durand (Courtesy of PTC)

‘Shucked’ World Premier at PTC: A Little Corny, A Lot of Fun

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer October 30, 2022

  Folks, “Shucked” has just had its world premiere at the Pioneer Theatre Company, and this, my friends, is a big deal. If you’re like me and don’t have a toe constantly dipped in the effervescent...

Mutual Creation by Tyler Kellis at Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 6, 2022. (Photo by Xiangyao Axe Tang | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

The Art of Medicine

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer August 28, 2022

  Science versus the arts. Right brain versus the left brain. These two facets, faculties or skillsets always seem to be duking it out in a never-ending boxing match for superiority. This duel...

(Design by Claire Peterson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Do Yourself a Favor and Visit the Broadway Centre Cinema

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer August 10, 2022

  As someone who might be called “an enjoyer of movies,” I’ve made a specific effort to visit the theater at least once a week for as long as I can remember. Since the world ended a couple...

Eva Merrill in the musical Nine at the University of Utah on April 24, 2022. (Photo by Langley Hayman | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

How and Why You Should Use Your Arts Pass

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer July 13, 2022

  I hope I’m not the person to break this news to you for the first time, but either way, buckle up. Here it comes — being a university student is bonkers expensive. Here we are, thrown into...

Paige Davis as Dolly Levi in PTCs Hello, Dolly!
(Photo via

Paige Davis on Bringing Character Dolly Levi to Life at PTC

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer May 25, 2022

  Somehow, the passage of time has not been halted and the end of Pioneer Theatre Company’s '21-'22 season is staring us in the face. The much anticipated conclusion “Hello, Dolly!” premiered...

Utah School of Music presents Sweeney Todd (Courtesy

U Opera and Utah Philharmonia Brave the Chair of Sondheim’s ‘Sweeney Todd’

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer April 19, 2022

  If you’ve never had the express pleasure of visiting Kingsbury Hall, please literally put whatever you’re reading this on down and take a quick visit. This building is absolutely stunning...

Exterior of Villaggio SLC. (Courtesy

Pizza Wars Chapter 2: Villaggio vs Pier 49

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer April 18, 2022

  To begin, a quick shout out to the Papa John’s delivery team. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were craving that sweet, sweet flavor only provided by the Papa. The nameless driver quested...

Joy Franz in Fireflies at Pioneer Theatre Company. (Courtesy

‘Fireflies’ at PTC: An Approachable and Cozy Night of Theatre

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer April 3, 2022

  On the Pioneer Memorial Theatre stage, the quaint home of retired schoolteacher Eleanor Bannister sits in front of us. It’s everything you’d expect from a 60-something woman living in 1995...

Something Rotten (Courtesy

PTC’s ‘Something Rotten’ Presents Something Hilarious and Fresh

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer March 16, 2022

  When I review in-person events, I always bring a pen and notepad. Having something physical in front of me to record thoughts and feelings as they come always helps with my writing process. I’ve...