The Daily Utah Chronicle

People & Places: The U’s New Blog Helps to Increase Cultural Awareness

By Aila Amer

December 3, 2018

  University of Utah students are taking a liking to People & Places, a blog started by the Office for Equity and Diversity to give diverse students, staff and faculty a louder voice. Students find it to be a great platform and hope that it will inspire changes to help them feel more acce...

Note to Self: Cut Loose (Footloose)

By Courtney Tanner

January 14, 2015

Blame it on too much Martinelli’s, but this year I actually have a real New Year’s resolution. This is an unfamiliar phenomenon for me. Usually while others are making empty promises to go to the gym, I’m jokingly resolving to eat more Taco Bell and improve my impressions of the Shane Co. diamond...

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