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The Fabric of Our Culture: Ethical Shopping

The Fabric of Our Culture: Ethical Shopping

By Alison Myers

August 27, 2019

Back to school clothes shopping is a parenthood obsession. Don’t I already have clothes? Yes, but this is the season’s excuse for consumerism. As a kid, the task seemed useless. Now, it seems reckless. Even past the age of growth-spurts, though, we might want our clothes to reflect the person we’re...

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Abound

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Abound

By Abigail Raasch

December 5, 2018

  The holiday season is officially upon us. The world is full of Christmas lights, trees, music and every other tradition imaginable. One of the largest aspects of the season is the Ugly Christmas Sweater. So often, posters go up at work or school about an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. We e...

Barber: Life in 1947: Beauty and Fashion

Barber: Life in 1947: Beauty and Fashion

By Shaelyn Barber

April 16, 2018

Among old belt-buckles, wooden furniture, yard appliances and music records, I found gold at a yard sale: a copy of Life Magazine from Sept. 15, 1947. It’s brimming with history, a time capsule of what life was like almost 71 years ago. So begins “Life in 1947,” a series discussing the fascinating...

Groesbeck: Sweater Weather, Mastering the Transition From Summer to Fall

By Ren Groesbeck

October 9, 2017

The transition from summer into fall presents a fashion challenge. The mornings are especially chilly but in the afternoon, the long-sleeves, sweaters and jackets are too hot to get around campus or stroll the town. Relying on layering to get through the colder seasons is essential. The more layering,...

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