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Lezaic: Rid the Body Positivity Movement of Ableism

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer September 28, 2022

  We live in a world that forces value on our bodies based on who we are and what we can give. And because our current reality is built on systems of oppression, such as anti-Blackness, anti-fatness...

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Lezaic: Stop Celebrity Worship Culture

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer May 24, 2022

  This year we witnessed the popularly anticipated Met Gala trending right alongside Roe v Wade. As people reeled from the possibility of the government taking away bodily autonomy, images of celebrities...

The block U on campus with the colors of the intersectional LGBTQ+ pride flag on March 24, 2021.

Lezaic: Disability Accommodations Process Blocks LGBTQ+ Students From Receiving Aid

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer March 24, 2022

  At the University of Utah, we must focus our attention on the people who the pandemic has impacted the hardest — students who belong to marginalized groups. LGBTQ+ students are one such group,...

Barkan (left) and Bruckman (right) talking between takes. (Courtesy Yuri Munir | Peoples TV)

Director Nicholas Bruckman, Healthcare Activist Ady Barkan a Dream Team in ‘Not Going Quietly’

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer February 9, 2022

  “Not Going Quietly” on activist Ady Barkan’s journey with ALS premiered Jan. 24 on PBS as part of the Point of View documentary series. The documentary was directed by Nicholas Bruckman....


Kincart: Free Britney

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer July 8, 2021

  Over the past few months, I have heard the phrase “Free Britney” flying around social media. At first, I thought it was just a lighthearted phrase to be thrown around, but now as I follow...

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Alexander & Kincart: Stop Policing Mental Illness and Neurodivergence

By CJ Alexander and Sydney Kincart June 23, 2021

  Nearly half of the people police officers kill have a mental or physical disability. This grim reality can’t continue. With 1 in 54 Utah children being diagnosed with autism, any police encounters...

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Letter: Disability Justice in On-Campus Housing

By Amanda MacKay May 4, 2021

  I have been a student leader with Housing and Residential Education for almost two years now, and it wasn’t until I enrolled in COMM 3490: Disability and Communication that I started to think...