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(Courtesy of the College of Humanities)

College of Humanities Takes Steps to Address Racism and Diversify Curriculum

By Kayleigh Silverstein, Special Projects Managing Editor, News Writer July 16, 2020

  On June 8, 2020, Stuart K. Culver, the Dean of the College of Humanities, sent an email to students addressing the changes to the humanities as a result of current protests surrounding police...

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U Alum on Creating an English School in China

By Kayleigh Silverstein , Special Projects Managing Editor, News Writer March 20, 2020

  Zheng Zhou, or “Joe”, the English version of his last name, is a University of Utah alum who started an English school in China after becoming enthralled by linguistics in his undergraduate...

Novel Writing and Getting Published: Goudsmits Path to Authorship

Novel Writing and Getting Published: Goudsmit’s Path to Authorship

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor November 13, 2019

When you pose the question "What makes an artist?" you are bound to get a wide range of answers, depending on who you ask. For those like author Nicholas Goudsmit, the answers is simple. Passion, dedication...

The text of the Torah, or to Christians, the Old Testament.

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Teaching the Bible as Literature: U Professor Jacqueline Osherow Explores the Bible’s Literary Value

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor April 8, 2019

  Jacqueline Osherow is a professor in the English department currently teaching a section of ENGL 3030, The Bible as Literature. The class studies all of the books of the Hebrew Bible from a literary...

Suzy Hazelwood

Sonnenberg: Finding a Job With My English Major

By Kristiane Sonnenberg January 18, 2019

  You know you’re in trouble when the subject line of an email from your academic advisor reads “Worried About Finding a Job with your English Major?” My gut reaction is that yes, I am worried...

Sandra Cisneros at Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning  Center meeting with Mountain View duel-immersion fifth graders. 
Photo - Tanner Humanities Center

Cisneros Describes the “Power of Art” to Dual Immersion Fifth Graders

By Connor Richards May 6, 2017

Growing up the only daughter in a family of six boys on Chicago’s West Side, Sandra Cisneros describes her childhood as being defined by loneliness. Instead of responding to this loneliness with a downward...

English Department Creates New Literary Journal

February 5, 2015

Finding a name for the English department’s new undergraduate literary journal was difficult, but eventually The Canticle came to life. An alternate name for the chorus between the love letters in...

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Changes May Be in Store for English Department

November 23, 2014

  Students may be in for a surprise with possible upcoming changes in the English degree curriculum. Rumors are going around that English major requirements may change and that these changes would...

U student researches impact of perspective

March 21, 2013

Annika Pecchia-Bekkum is anything but a traditional student. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English before the age of 18, she is now completing her second degree in chemistry and is on...