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Bringhurst: Fox News Deliberately Spreads Hateful Rhetoric

By Maggie Bringhurst, Opinion Writer June 2, 2022

  Voicing an opinion on Fox News feels like screaming into an echo chamber. While a majority of Republicans trust the news outlet, Democrats like President Joe Biden regard it as “one of the...

Portrait of Porshai Nielsen in front of the fountain by the J. Willard Marriott Library in Salt Lake City on March 23, 2022. (Photo by Emily Rincon | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Nielsen: Our Work is Far From Done — The Importance of Collegiate Investigative Journalism

By Porshai Nielsen, Investigative Editor April 29, 2022

  A fortune cookie brought me here. Four years ago, I was a miserable pre-nursing major that knew nursing was not my passion. I needed change and knew that I wanted to write. When I had started...

A portrait of Will Shadley taken on campus at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Dec. 7, 2021. (Photo by Rachel Rydalch Shelton | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Shadley: How and When To Write About Issues That Don’t Affect You

By Will Shadley, Opinion Writer January 3, 2022

  Journalism is an inherently individualistic endeavor. Everything I write has my name attached to it. More than just my name, everything I choose to write about and how I write about it, reflects...

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Reese: My Last Take — Student Journalism Matters

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer May 10, 2021

  It feels weird to finally reach the finish line of my undergraduate education and write my last piece for The Daily Utah Chronicle. I began opinion writing at the Chrony in the summer of 2019...

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Cushman: Protect Incarcerated Women’s Reproductive Freedom

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer February 21, 2021

  Women's health needs are unique. A history of ignorance and taboo around women’s health issues means that even today women can struggle to receive the healthcare they want or need to address...

(Courtesy GLAAD)

32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards Nominees Announced

By Heather Graham and Parker Dunn February 11, 2021

  Impactful projects centering on LGBTQ people of color, women, and transgender issues lead the 2021 GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Award nominations, recognizing diversity,...

(Courtesy Morgan Barron)

Barron: STEM Majors, Join the Opinion Desk

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer December 16, 2020

  I joined the Daily Utah Chronicle’s opinion desk during my sophomore year at the University of Utah. It was a non-obvious extracurricular for a mechanical engineering student like myself, but...

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Scott: Success is Great, But Don’t Forget to Be a Person

By Elise Scott, Opinion Writer December 10, 2020

  It’s weird to reflect back on my undergrad experience as someone who never thought they would go to college. I was always a good student as a child, but higher education never felt inevitable,...

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Editorial: Why We’re Creating an Editorial Board

By The Daily Utah Chronicle Editorial Board September 7, 2020

  The last two years have been uniquely turbulent for the University of Utah. In 2018, we saw the inauguration of a new university president and, just over a month later, the on-campus murder of...

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Pop-Cultured: Zane Lowe Perfects the Art of Making Musicians Comfortable

By Oakley Burt, Arts Editor March 7, 2020

  Interviewing is an essential part of journalism — as clichéd as it sounds, the art of gathering information from others plays a major role in crafting a story. It’s arguably the hardest...