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Camp Jacky with Jackson Banks Ep.02

July 2, 2014

In this special 4th of July episode, Jacky interviews a musician from Chile (Roberto Isopi) and an American who transplanted to Australia (Sarah Larson). Jacky delves deep into their stories and attempts...

OUR_Ep.77_ Mix 107.9’s Lexi Papadopolous

June 18, 2014

On Episode 77 of Ol Ute Radio, your hosts are joined by the beautiful and talented Lexi Papadopolous of Mix 107.9's Lexi & Banks show. She tells us about her path into radio- how she started, where...

OUR_Ep.75_Big Shiny Robot_Patrick Ramirez and Andy Gold

June 11, 2014

OUR 75 is packed with a triple header of guests. To start the show, Rebecca and Sascha commemorate Salt Lake comedian, Spencer Gardner, who passed away earlier in the week. Your hosts welcome Nick Marx...

OUR_Ep.74_LGBT Resource Center

June 6, 2014

Episode 74 of Ol Ute Radio begins with Rebecca and Sascha discussing the state of OUR and the exciting upcoming guests lined up for the rest of June. They talk a bit about their excitement for the Joey...

OUR_Ep.73_Joey Diaz

June 4, 2014

On Episode 73 of OUR, Rebecca and Sascha talk about recent news, murder and Slenderman as they start off the show. The topic of parenting is touched on as a result of one news article and somehow leads...

OUR_Ep.72_Abigail Harrison

May 31, 2014

On the first half of the show Becca explains the process that women go through to look ‘hot,’ on a minute to minute activity. This concept takes Sascha down the intellectual paradigm of subversive...

OUR_Ep.71_ABC 4 Journalist_Glen Mills

May 28, 2014

Episode 71 of Ol Ute Radio starts off with your beloved hosts, Rebecca and Sascha, where they discuss journalism, ear biting and the concept of owning a newspaper. At the start of the second half of the...

OUR_Ep.70_Steve Soelberg and Patrick Ramirez

May 23, 2014

On Episode 70 of Ol' Ute Radio, the studio is full with all three hosts and guests Patrick Ramirez and Steve Soelberg in attendance. The show begins with Sascha, Rebecca and Chris welcoming Steve Soelberg,...

OUR_Ep.69_Christian Pieper

May 21, 2014

On Episode 69 of Ol' Ute Radio, Rebecca and Sascha start the show out catching up and discussing some of the changes to Ol' Ute Radio. They announce the new Executive Producer, Johnny Mckeon- former  co-host...

OUR_Ep.68_Jordan Mazziotti

May 19, 2014

On this weeks episode Chris and Sascha welcome comedian and blogger Jordan Mazziotti. In this conversation we discusse comedy, dating, graphic design and so much more. Jordon Mazziotti Design: Comedy: We...