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A portrait of Taylor Randall on the David Eccles School of Business website.

Letter: The Appointment of Taylor Randall is the U’s Latest Awful Decision

By Ermiya Fanaeian August 17, 2021

  Right before the start of the 2021 fall semester, the University of Utah had publicly, and proudly, announced that Taylor Randall will be our next university president. During the presidential...

(Courtesy DivestU)

Letter: Divestment from Fossil Fuels is in Sight

By DivestU March 7, 2021

  We know beyond a scientific doubt that in order to protect human lives as well as the lives of every living species on Earth, we need to put an end to fossil fuels. Not only are we witnessing...

Flags inside the student union (Photo by: The Daily Utah Chronicle).

Letter: Keep Asian-America in the Foreground

By Samuel Judd-Kim February 25, 2021

  Recently, the social media feeds of many students have been graced by a number of popular posts alluding to recent upticks in violence against Asian-Americans, undeniably fueled in part by anti-Chinese...

(Courtesy Samar Alzadjali)

Letter: Utah Needs to Reduce Its Plastic Consumption

By Samar Alzadjali December 13, 2020

  Plastic bag consumption is increasing as populations and needs are increasing. “Around 4 to 5 trillion plastic bags were created in 2002” and “roughly 80% of those bags were used in North...

Cars parked in a campus parking lot. Chronicle archives.

Letter: Why Emissions Testing May Do More Harm Than Good

By Gabrielle Adkison December 11, 2020

  Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind emissions testing is perfectly sound and I am in full support of taking measures to improve our air quality. Yet, I must admit that I have some serious concerns...

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Letter: Let’s Use the Pandemic to Solve our Mental Health Crisis

By Jana Richardson and Molly Nelson October 10, 2020

  I worked with a thirteen-year-old boy last year who talked back to the teacher and often became disruptive in class. He had a behavior contract with his teachers, so he left class one day to...

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Letter: ProctorU Raises Ethical Concerns

By Devon Cantwell and Zach Stickney October 8, 2020

  Malcolm opens the computer he has borrowed from a friend. He normally takes his exams on his Chromebook, tablet or phone, but his biology class uses a proctoring software that only works with...

(Banner welcoming students living on campus to the University of Utah in Aug. 2014 | Chronicle archives)

Letter to the Editor: Is It Truly Safe To Reopen In-Person Classes This Fall?

By Aarushi Rohaj July 20, 2020

  On March 11, 2020, the University of Utah announced its closure for the rest of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chaos and questions erupted within every students’ mind. Will classes...