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Emery: Marvel movies hurt true cinematic artists

Emery: Marvel movies hurt true cinematic artists

By Nate Emery April 24, 2020

  Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese said in an interview interview last year with Empire, and then again in an opinion in the New York Times, that Marvel movies are not cinema. He said that...

As consumers of true-crime media, we have a responsibility to think critically about the information that we are presented with rather than taking it at face value. (Courtesy Ellsworth Air Force Base)

Emery: Be Cautious When Drawing Conclusions From True Crime

By Nate Emery April 10, 2020

  Over the past two decades, true crime has become one of the most popular genres across several mediums. As of December 2018, the "Serial" podcast had over 400 million downloads and was the fastest...

John Wayne and Gail Russell in the 1947 film Angel and the Badman (Courtesy Flickr)

Emery: Westerns Prioritize the Anxieties of Men Over the Empowerment of Women

By Nate Emery April 6, 2020

  The very core of the Western genre is nostalgia for patriarchy. Classic Westerns romanticize a “simpler time” when brave White men on horses could settle arguments with a duel, protect wagon...

Classic Westerns from the mid-20th century are critical to our understanding of race in contemporary America.(Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Emery: Time to Move Past the Whitewashed Wild West

By Nate Emery March 28, 2020

  The scene opens with a wide-angle view of the Great Plains. Mighty winds blow clear across the grass as smoke billows from the stack of a train far in the distance. Two men on horseback enter...

The crowd at the Solidarity Rally against racism at Washington Square Park in Salt Lake City on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. (Photo by Rishi Deka | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Emery: Holocaust Education Will Inoculate Future Generations Against Hate

By Nate Emery March 7, 2020

  The Salt Lake Tribune reported that, as of Feb. 2019, the number of active hate groups in Utah had tripled over the previous year. These groups have made their presence known across the state,...

Opposition to this bill is part of a larger “us vs. them” narrative, arguing that those who are addicted have made bad choices and for that they should be punished, never given compassion. (Courtesy Pxfuel)

Emery: Safe Injection Sites Will Save Lives, If Legislators Let Them

By Nate Emery March 7, 2020

  The number of heroin overdose deaths per year in Utah has nearly tripled since 2010. Utah also has a higher rate of deaths from overdose (15.5 deaths per 100,000 persons) compared to the national...

(Courtesy Flickr)

Emery: Teachers Should Not Need to Pay for Their Own Supplies

By Nate Emery February 25, 2020

On average, teachers in the United States are paid about 20% less than individuals in other similarly educated professions. On top of this fact, teachers work many long, uncompensated hours far beyond...

West High School in Salt Lake City. In the minority-majority Salt Lake City School District, there are concerns about later start times. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Emery: Delayed Starts Prioritize the Needs of Some Students Over Others

By Nate Emery February 13, 2020

  This Utah State Legislative Session, State Representative Suzanne Harrison has introduced a bill that encourages school districts and charter schools to consider delaying high school start times....

(Photo courtesy Pexels)

Emery: Inclusive Book Clubs Discuss Stories and Heal Social Divides

By Nate Emery February 7, 2020

  Cultural and social divides are increasing in the United States, and Utah is not immune to these widening gulfs. As Utah continues to grow economically, more people from diverse backgrounds enter...