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Burton: It’s Time to Volunteer for Something Bigger Than Yourself

Gardening at Legacy of Lowell Saturday Service Project 2017. Courtesy of the Bennion Center

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer

August 6, 2020

  I’ve been mulling over a quote from Blaise Pascal for the last couple of months, "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Despite being hundreds of years old, his astute observation seems even more apt as we practice social distancing. We are...

‘Returning the Favor’ Brings Much-Needed Attention to Little Miracles

'Returning the Favor' Brings Much-Needed Attention to Little Miracles

By Hannah Keating, Arts Writer

March 3, 2020

  A new series exclusive to Facebook Watch is bringing camera crews and media attention to individuals across the globe making a difference. “Returning the Favor” revolves around people who go above and beyond being a good neighbor and provide support to the communities that need it most. ...

Barron: Students Need Academic Protection for Jury Service

Courtesy The Blue Diamond Gallery

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

June 4, 2019

  As I listened intently to the pre-recorded message, I kept muttering, “21, 21, 21,” like a strung out gambler at a Vegas blackjack table. But instead of counting cards, I was counting jurors. If the Third District Court Clerk selected 21 jurors tonight instead of 40 — as she had for the p...

Sonnenberg: Service Serves You, Too

(Courtesy of Pxhere)

By Kristiane Sonnenberg

February 24, 2019

  I have dozens of excuses for why I don’t volunteer more often. There’s always more homework to do, cover letters to write and Saturday mornings to be filled with sleep. I tell myself that service requires a pure sense of altruism and a willingness to sacrifice a lot of time and effort, neith...

Petersen: Voting Matters, But the Younger Generation Needs to Do More.

(The Daily Utah Chronicle Archives)

By Josh Petersen, Digital Managing Editor

February 23, 2019

  Based on stereotype alone, twenty-somethings are far more interested in tweeting about safe spaces than actually doing the hard work of inspiring political change. Though this idea is grossly oversimplified, there is, unfortunately, a kernel of truth to this characterization. Many millennials...

From the Court to the Community: Leaders in Athletics and Service

The University of Utah Lady Utes cheering because they defeated their rival Brigham Young University at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturaday, Dec. 8, 2018 (Photo by Cassandra Palor | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Leilani Gastelum

February 12, 2019

  When Title IX was announced in 1972, everything changed for women in sports. Women were finally allowed to be treated as equals to men in both athletics and their educational career. The exact law signed by President Richard Nixon said, “No person in the United States shall, on the bas...

Hundreds Volunteer for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

The Bennion Center in the Olpin Student Union February 6, 2017. (Michael Adam Fondren | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Amy Loret

January 30, 2019

  To honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and to kick-off MLK Week at the University of Utah, over 250 student volunteers spent the morning of Saturday, Jan. 19 working on 12 different service projects throughout the Greater Salt Lake community. This year marks the fifth year of the Bennion...

Bennion Center Honors Community Engaged Faculty

Dean McGovern and President Ruth Watkins cut the ribbon at the Bennion Center's ceremony. 
(Courtesy of Jennifer Jones)

By Katelyn Collett

January 17, 2019

  On Jan. 16, the Bennion Center, joined by President Ruth Watkins, unveiled a new digital display honoring community-engaged faculty. The selected university faculty members are passionate about ensuring community engagement in their teaching, research and scholarship. It was a simple ceremony but on...

Join U Students at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

The Bennion Center in the Olpin Student Union. Chronicle archives.

By Amy Loret

January 13, 2019

  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘what are you doing for others?’” These famous words by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are being taken to heart by the University of Utah Bennion Center through the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service on Saturday, Jan. 19. The ...

Barney: Grateful For My Time Served

Barney: Grateful For My Time Served

By Autumn Barney

September 11, 2017

I’ve written a few articles about the military. People always ask me why I joined. I wish I could say I did it because I wanted to serve my country or for school benefits or for any specific reason. But the truth is, I joined right out of high school to run away. I don’t know if at 18 years old...

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