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Starr: In-Person Echo Chambers Are Just as Dangerous as Those Online

By Kennedie Starr, Opinion Writer January 14, 2020

Many believe that online echo chambers are becoming too prevalent. They worry that when people surround themselves with digital content and people who think like them, they result in constantly preaching...

Social media pulled up on the phone on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. (Photo by Curtis Lin)

ASUU and Social Media Toxicity

By Brock Bernstein, News Writer September 24, 2019

  On April 18, 2019, a guest opinion piece was published on The Daily Utah Chronicle’s website holding ASUU member Greg Boisvert accountable for his use of offensive language in a social media...

College Sports Are Back. Lets Enjoy Them

College Sports Are Back. Let’s Enjoy Them

By Adam Cochran, Sports Writer September 12, 2019

  Sports are emotional affairs. This is true for everyone involved. Players, coaches and even fans dedicate themselves to the team, to the game. This fact is often lost on those involved, but most...

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Chavez: Curating Social Media Can Help You Feel Better

By Paij Chavez, Opinion Writer August 27, 2019

The media and advertising we are exposed to shape our worldview. Every day we are bombarded with images and stories that are trying to sell us something — food, fashion, lifestyle, etc. The continuous...

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Meet the LDS Influencers: Faith, Fashion and the Rise to Internet Fame

By Miacel Spotted Elk, News Writer April 5, 2019

  Being an influencer is hard work. Achieving and sustaining the life of an influencer doesn’t only inspire a large aspiring pool, but also electrifies them to curate an image unique from anyone...

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Petersen: Speculating Over Sexuality Only Adds to Toxic Masculinity

By Josh Petersen, Digital Managing Editor December 7, 2018

If you spend enough time on some of the trashier corners of gay Twitter gossip (I am, ahem, guilty), you have been privy to a shocking secret for some time now. You might have seen it in the hand movements,...

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Petersen: Unfriending Over Politics

By Josh Petersen, Digital Managing Editor December 6, 2018

  An old cliché states that one should never discuss politics, religion or money in polite conversation. Yet in the past few years, as news of the Trump administration infiltrates most aspects...

Sonnenberg: Drawing the Line Between Politics and Friendship

By Kristiane Sonnenberg December 6, 2018

  The last couple of years of American politics have been nightmarish. Even in 2014, a year before Donald Trump began his presidential campaign, polarization was at an all-time high — 92 percent...

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Alvarado: Decline of Fantasy Fashion

By Andrea Alvarado December 5, 2018

The casting director of Victoria’s Secret made an accurate description of what fashion and beauty have been for centuries. When asked about transgender and plus-sized models joining the Fashion Show,...

Sonnenberg: Put Your Phone Down

Sonnenberg: Put Your Phone Down

By Kristiane Sonnenberg November 11, 2018

  I check my cell phone obsessively. Emails from work and internships pile up if I’m not diligent in my responses, and my family grows concerned about me if I don’t answer their messages quickly...