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Maddie Hair (center) is running for ASUU president with Hailee Fell (right) and Jasmine Aguilar (left). (Courtesy the Hair Ticket)

ASUU Elections: The Hair Ticket


Maddie Hair is a junior majoring in psychology, economics, political science, and health, society and policy, and is running alongside Jasmine Aguilar-Lopez and Hailee Fell.

Hair has wanted to run for student body president since her freshman year at the University of Utah and sees things within the U that she wants to change.

“I appreciate many opportunities I have been given at the university, but I see systemic problems at the university that need attention,” Hair said in an email interview. “I have specific plans to improve our programs and student experience at the university.”

The main issue the Hair ticket is focusing on for their campaign is campus safety. As president, Hair said she would help reform underdeveloped programs designed to prevent sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence at the U.

“I can say from my own personal experience that there is a level of disregard from powerful individuals at the university that I believe needs attention to prevent abuse and save lives,” Hair said. “Programs such as [the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action] need serious reform in order to actually help students who are suffering from domestic abuse, stalking, and harassment.”

Mental health support for students is another priority for the Hair ticket. They recognize that many of the counseling resources at the U are often extremely busy, but Hair believes the U should expand its services so students can access support when they need it. 

“As many students know, the counseling center is often booked out for weeks,” Hair said. “We need to expand and staff the counseling center, as well as make the other resources well known and utilized by students struggling with mental health.”

Hair’s work in political representation began in high school in Boise when the city had a very competitive mayoral race. She worked on the campaign for current Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, who defeated a 16-year incumbent. She also has experience working at the Hinckley Institute of Politics working on the UNITE Dignity Index project, where she coded political speech in an attempt to improve bipartisan political conversation.


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