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The U’s Modern Dance Seniors Explore Pandemic Isolation in ‘Introspection’

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer April 14, 2021

  Once again, the University of Utah’s School of Dance has successfully adapted itself to the safety precautions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The graduating seniors in the Modern Program offered...

Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem (Courtesy of UMFA)

UMFA’s ‘Black Refractions’ Exhibit Explores Impacts of Systemic Racism on Art and Society

By Heather Graham, Assistant Copy Chief, Arts Writer March 11, 2021

  Through April 10, The Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah invites audiences to join them for "Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem." This exhibit features...

(Courtesy of Performing Dance Company)

The U’s Performing Dance Company Brings Stunning Performances to Virtual Audiences

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer November 5, 2020

  This Halloween weekend, Performing Dance Company at the University of Utah's School of Dance successfully traded traditional in-person audiences for online streams. Four separate performances...

Gwen Christopherson's UID, which functions as an ArtsPass, at the U. Chronicle archives.

Fall 2020 Arts at the U

By Paige Lee, Arts Writer August 17, 2020

  With everything feeling so uncertain lately, it can be difficult to look ahead to fun campus events in the fall. However, the University of Utah is set to be buzzing with many art events this...

University of Utah 2019-2020 Arts Recap

By Gabrielle Klinge, Arts Writer August 10, 2020

  The fine arts at the University of Utah were put on display in a variety of mediums during the 2019-20 school year. Theater productions, ballet concerts and orchestra performances, amongst other...

Professor Profiles: Getting to Know Your Fine Arts Educators

By Parker Dunn, Managing Editor May 4, 2020

  The College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah is full of amazing professors. With a new school year approaching — and a fresh batch of new students coming in needing to fulfill fine arts...

At the U, dance majors have had to adapt to online learning. (Courtesy Dissolve)

Dance Majors’ New Virtual Reality

By Gabrielle Klinge, Arts Writer April 10, 2020

  As the magnolia trees blossom and the birds chirp their friendly greetings, the world seems to be coming back to life. A cool breeze containing the hopeful tint of summer passes through campus....

Dance student Elise Jumes (Courtesy Tori Duhaime)

Exploration and Movement: How Jumes Keeps Asking ‘Why?’

By Parker Dunn, Managing Editor February 19, 2020

  For Elise Jumes, a screendance student and graduate teaching assistant here at the University of Utah, dance is more than mere movement. “I feel like a lot of the problems in today’s world...

After Jessica Baynes suffered from a traumatic brain injury, she used her recovery to enhance, not hinder, her work. (Photo by Scotty Hardwire | Courtesy Jessica Baynes)

Artist of the Week: Jessica Baynes

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor February 13, 2020

  When Jessica Baynes was a freshman in the University of Utah Modern Dance Program, she suffered a traumatic brain injury when she fell out of a leap and landed on the back of her skull. Unbeknownst...

AXIS 2019 (courtesy of AXIS Dance Company)

AXIS Finds Freedom in Limitations

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer November 13, 2019

  Stage lights dimly glow on three dancers. The music begins and the art commences — bodies twirl, lift, slide and defy the laws of physics — all with four moving legs, five arms and three...

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