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Fall 2020 Arts at the U

Gwen Christopherson's UID, which functions as an ArtsPass, at the U. Chronicle archives.
By Paige Lee, Arts Writer August 17, 2020

University of Utah 2019-2020 Arts Recap

By Gabrielle Klinge, Arts Writer August 10, 2020

Dance Majors’ New Virtual Reality

At the U, dance majors have had to adapt to online learning. (Courtesy Dissolve)
By Gabrielle Klinge, Arts Writer April 9, 2020

Exploration and Movement: How Jumes Keeps Asking ‘Why?’

Dance student Elise Jumes (Courtesy Tori Duhaime)
By Parker Dunn, Assistant Arts Editor February 19, 2020

Artist of the Week: Jessica Baynes

After Jessica Baynes suffered from a traumatic brain injury, she used her recovery to enhance, not hinder, her work. (Photo by Scotty Hardwire | Courtesy Jessica Baynes)
By Hannah Keating, Arts Writer February 13, 2020

AXIS Finds Freedom in Limitations

AXIS 2019 (courtesy of AXIS Dance Company)
By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer November 13, 2019

Artist of the Week: Michael Wall

(Courtesy Michael Wall)
By Arielle Gulley, Arts Writer November 5, 2019

September Arts Desk Favorites

University of Utah students can now find improved access to dance, music, theatre and other arts events across the state. (Courtesy Utah Arts Alliance)
By Palak Jayswal, Christopher Payne, Alison Myers, Abigail Bowe, Abigail Raasch, Kate Button, Ray Gill, Weston Wood, Arielle Gulley, Hannah Keating, Oakley Burt October 29, 2019

SALT Dance Finds Beauty in Tragedy

Photo by Jessie Southworth (Courtesy SALT Contemporary Dance)
By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor October 24, 2019
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