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Screenshot from The Skeleton Dance. (Courtesy of Disney+)

Fisher and Fuller’s Fall Recommendations

By Megan Fisher and Whit Fuller October 23, 2021

There's nothing like settling in for a good movie or curling up with a great book to get you into the fall spirit, and no one knows this better than our arts writers. Here, with their scope across the...

Album art for Finneas Optimist. (Courtesy of Finneas YouTube)

Finneas’ Debut Album ‘Optimist’ is a Vulnerable Portrait of Love That Stands on Its Own

By Lee Kedem, Arts Writer October 22, 2021

  Finneas is a performer with an immense amount of talent and, while his capabilities have been shared with the world through some singles he has released, we know him mainly through the music...

Fall Dance 1 promotional image. (Courtesy University of Utah School of Dance)

The School of Dance Returns with ‘Fall Dance 1′ Both Live and Livestreamed

By Tervela Georgieva, Arts Writer October 22, 2021

  On Oct. 7, the University of Utah’s School of Dance opened its season with the “Fall Dance 1” concert. I was so excited to finally get to watch a School of Dance performance again — the...

Adam Melchor in promo for Melchor Lullaby Hotline Vol. 1. (Courtesy The Quaker Campus)

Adam Melchor Rocks Urban Lounge On Tour with ‘Melchor Lullaby Hotline Vol. 1’

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor October 21, 2021

  On tour for the release of his new album "Melchor Lullaby Hotline Vol. 1," Adam Melchor performed for an enthusiastic crowd at the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City on Oct. 20. Melchor’s Hotline The...

When Darkness Falls Across the Land, Odyssey Dance Theatres Thriller is Close at Hand

When ‘Darkness Falls Across the Land,’ Odyssey Dance Theatre’s ‘Thriller’ is Close at Hand

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer October 20, 2021

  As concertgoers enter the theatre at Kingsbury Hall for Odyssey Dance Theatre's “Thriller," they are not be greeted by ushers, but by dancers tricked out as the undead. Dressed in artfully tattered...

Weathers Band (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Weathers Band Energizes Audience at Kilby Court with Album ‘Pillows and Therapy’

By Avery Greig, Arts Writer October 18, 2021

  Alternative rock band Weathers rocked Kilby Court on Sunday, Oct. 17 with their 2021 album release "Pillows & Therapy," reminding the poser community to party post-early COVID-19 restrictions. Kilby...

Richard Tyler Epperson using a self-timer. (Courtesy Epperson)

Richard Epperson Fights for His Dream with New EP ‘Another Day’ — And You Should Too

By Tervela Georgieva, Arts Writer October 18, 2021

  After a seven-year hiatus from releasing music, Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter Richard Epperson released his six-track EP “Another Day” on Oct. 15. The EP blends acoustic tracks like...

Daniel Craig in a screenshot of the No Time To Die trailer. (Courtesy of MGM)

‘No Time to Die’ is a Fitting, Touching Goodbye for Daniel Craig

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer October 18, 2021

  Since first appearing on screen in 1954, James Bond has been played by seven actors and saved the world twenty-seven times on film. The series has functioned as a sort of long-running serial —...

“Manifest” Season One trailer. (Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes TV’s YouTube)

‘Manifest’ Shares Its Magic with Fans through a Surprise Season Four

By Lee Kedem, Arts Writer October 5, 2021

  Supernatural drama "Manifest" first aired on NBC and was cancelled after its third season. It was then renewed by Netflix for a fourth and final season with twenty episodes popular enough to...

IDWTIJWD single cover art. (Courtesy Glass Animals via Twitter)

Glass Animals Reveal Cherry-Themed Single ‘IDWTIJWD’ amid Teasers

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer October 5, 2021

  On Sept. 10, U.K.-based alt-pop outfit Glass Animals released new track "I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)." The song's release has been heavily anticipated following a series of teasers...