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Artist of the Week: Allison James

(Courtesy of Allison James)

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor

September 22, 2020

  For Allison James, music has always been a constant in her life. James, a senior at the University of Utah, was first interested in singing and playing the piano as a child, and now she is an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter, has also created her own record label and has recently p...

Pop Cultured: Let’s Ignore Celebrities

(Design by Malithi Gunawardena | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer

September 21, 2020

  Like many others raised in conservative religions, I learned early on in life to hold a healthy disdain for celebrities and the “sinful” lifestyles they championed. Nowadays, it’s not celebrities’ drug use or suggestive lyrics that I consider a threat to the welfare of the planet. I...

‘BS’ Is Another Spaced-Out, Genre-Bending Single From Still Woozy

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer

September 12, 2020

  A laid-back Sven Gamsky, wearing a purple T-shirt and resting against some pillows on his bed for a virtual press conference hosted by Universal Music Group last week, confessed that he still “doesn’t really fully understand” the process of sending his singles “down the line” to ...

Twilight Concert Series Presents ‘Light Up Locals,’ A New Twist on Venue Shows for a Good Cause

(Courtesy Pexels)

By Zoe Gottlieb

September 10, 2020

  During normal operations, the Salt Lake City Twilight Concert Series allows community members to rejoice in the last days of Summer. Balmy weather, resplendent colors, quirky food trucks, and festival nostalgia normally come to mind for Twilight Concert attendees, but this year, things will play...

Declan McKenna’s ‘Zeros’ Explores Being Young During an Apocalypse

English singer, songwriter and musician Declan McKenna. (Courtesy New Musical Express)

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer

September 5, 2020

  There’s a palpable anxiety pulsing through the veins of Declan McKenna’s funky, synth-pop sophomore record. Released Sept. 4, 2020, “Zeros” retains the youthful spirit and critical social commentary of McKenna’s internationally successful debut album “What Do You Think About the ...

The Happy Fits Balance Introspection and Optimism on ‘What Could Be Better’

The Happy Fits (Courtesy The Syndicate)

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor

September 2, 2020

  On Aug. 28, The Happy Fits released “What Could Be Better,” a successful and impressive collection of ten tracks that showcase their effervescent, lively music that blend classic instruments with modern pop songwriting. In this sophomore album, The Happy Fits continue to establish thei...

Apple Music Rebrands Beats 1 Radio

(Cartoon by Isabelle Schlegel | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Hannah Keating, Arts Writer

August 29, 2020

  Whether it’s something you turn on in the car on a drive or if you have a favorite station with a host you keep returning to, radio plays a huge role in how we consume music, even in the era of streaming services. Apple Music recognized this during the transitions of its platform by establishing...

Katy Perry Revisits Her Pure Pop Roots in Upcoming Album ‘Smile’

(Courtesy Christine Hahn)

By Cade Anderson, Arts Writer

August 24, 2020

  Those of us college students who were in our formative, early adolescent years when “Teenage Dream” was released ten years ago are likely to feel some nostalgia — or some strong memories resurfacing from that era — when finding out that Katy Perry is releasing her fifth album, titl...

Beck and NASA Bring ‘Hyperspace’ to Life with an Audiovisual Experience

Beck and NASA collaborate to create an immersive visual album for

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor

August 23, 2020

  On Aug. 12, Beck released a new version of his 2019 album, “Hyperspace.” This new release features a visual component created in collaboration with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This visual album, hosted on Beck’s website, features images curated and processed through artificial ...

Lizzy McAlpine’s ‘Give Me a Minute’ Conveys Heartache in Wistful Harmony

Image via Pixabay

By Hannah Keating, Arts Writer

August 21, 2020

  If you've spent the past month in a Taylor Swift-induced state of wistful ennui following the release of her surprise album “Folklore” and crave more of the same, look no further than Lizzy McAlpine. The singer/songwriter has released her debut album “Give Me a Minute,” and its imagery...