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Cosplayers gather in front of the stairs at FanX 2022. (Courtesy @fanxsaltlake on Twitter)

FanX Fails to Find Their University Audience

By Audrey Hall September 27, 2022

  FanX, Utah’s very own Comic-Con, has been a part of our state’s culture since 2013. With an estimated attendance of 125,000, FanX is one of the largest comic conventions in the United States....

(Courtesy Columbia Pictures and 87North Productions)

‘Bullet Train’: A Movie We’ve Seen Too Often

By Zach Anderson September 21, 2022

  In David Leitch's newest thriller, we follow Brad Pitt’s character Ladybug, a contract assassin notorious for his bad luck, trying to retrieve a suitcase from a bullet train in Japan. Unfortunately...

Infinity Train trailer (Courtesy of

Animated Content Removal on HBO Max Symbolic of Larger Industry Problem

By Andre Montoya, Arts Writer September 19, 2022

  In the early weeks of August, nearly 40 television shows found themselves yanked off of HBO Max without warning. Surprisingly, the explanation for this action is just as baffling. New Warner...

Nosferatu (Courtesy YouTube)

Don’t Miss Out on the Chance to See ‘Nosferatu’ on the Big Screen

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer September 9, 2022

  On Saturday, Sept. 10 at 7:30 p.m., to celebrate the 100th anniversary of F.W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu,” the Salt Lake Film Society will be presenting a special screening of the horror classic...

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. (Courtesy YouTube)

Movie Recommendations to Get You Back to School

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer September 8, 2022

  School is back in session and that means mountains of homework and unsettling stress. Every day brings something new to learn. Anything from paying bills to buying cleaning supplies. You may even...

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Do Yourself a Favor and Visit the Broadway Centre Cinema

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer August 10, 2022

  As someone who might be called “an enjoyer of movies,” I’ve made a specific effort to visit the theater at least once a week for as long as I can remember. Since the world ended a couple...

Daniel Kaluuya in Nope (Courtesy Universal Pictures)

Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Makes You Look Up

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer August 5, 2022

"The Horse in Motion" In 1873, the billionaire industrialist Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University, approached photographer Eadweard Muybridge to photograph his horses. Stanford hoped that...

Dakota Johnson in Netflixs Peruasion (Courtesy of Netflix)

I Watched Netflix’s Adaptation of ‘Persuasion’ So You Don’t Have To

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer July 29, 2022

  When you're adapting a novel, it helps to have read the source material. As far as I can tell, no one involved in Netflix's "Persuasion" has ever read Jane Austen's novel. It seems instead that...

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Expectations — Where Media’s Depictions of College Fall Short of Reality

By Avery Greig, Arts Editor July 19, 2022

  The media has painted a distinct image of the American college student — fresh-faced yet sleep-deprived, eager, liberated and entirely broke. What aspects of this stereotypical archetype are...

Eva Merrill in the musical Nine at the University of Utah on April 24, 2022. (Photo by Langley Hayman | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

How and Why You Should Use Your Arts Pass

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer July 13, 2022

  I hope I’m not the person to break this news to you for the first time, but either way, buckle up. Here it comes — being a university student is bonkers expensive. Here we are, thrown into...