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Cosplayers gather in front of the stairs at FanX 2022. (Courtesy @fanxsaltlake on Twitter)

FanX Fails to Find Their University Audience

By Audrey Hall September 27, 2022

  FanX, Utah’s very own Comic-Con, has been a part of our state’s culture since 2013. With an estimated attendance of 125,000, FanX is one of the largest comic conventions in the United States....

Indie Sellers Guild, launched on Labor Day 2022, is a union effort for independent sellers using

Etsy Strike Prompts Launch of Independent Seller’s Union

By Nicoline West, Arts Writer September 23, 2022

  In February of 2022, top e-commerce site Etsy announced that transaction fees for sellers would increase from 5% to 6.5%. The 30% increase took effect in April, prompting about 17,000 sellers...

Chef prepares Italian food for crowd at Festa Italiana. (Photo by Edie Raines | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Good Food, Good Music and Good Community at the 7th Annual Festa Italiana SLC

By Edie Raines, Copy Editor September 22, 2022

  Each year, the Italian-American Civic League hosts the Festa Italiana SLC, celebrating Italian heritage and culture in Salt Lake City. The free event brings together Italian restaurants, performers...

Vintage record player on windowsill. (Photo by Alex Green | Courtesy Pexels)

How One STEM Major Uses Media to De-Stress Mindfully

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer September 10, 2022

  With global events of the past few years, it’s become particularly important for students to take time for themselves and protect their wellbeing. But how do different media types play a role...

(Design by Brenda Payan Medina | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

The Humanities Are Worthy of Pursuit Now More Than Ever

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer August 31, 2022

  The humanities are a discipline often overlooked and judged for perceived impractical applications beyond the classroom — but many who regard the field so harshly might not know exactly what...

Local Artist Jenna Louise Rogans art displayed at the Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah on Oct. 7, 2021. (Photo by Langley Hayman | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Is Art School Worth It?

By Megan Fisher, Arts Writer August 27, 2022

  Lawyers go to law school. Doctors go to medical school. Artists go to art school. While there are countless more avenues that one could take to become an artist than a brain surgeon, art school...

(Design by Storey McDonald | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Expectations — Where Media’s Depictions of College Fall Short of Reality

By Avery Greig, Arts Editor July 19, 2022

  The media has painted a distinct image of the American college student — fresh-faced yet sleep-deprived, eager, liberated and entirely broke. What aspects of this stereotypical archetype are...

Cast members perform Liminal. (Photo courtesy of Liminal creators)

Meeting in the Middle: The Creators of ‘Liminal’ Discuss Collaboration on the Theatrical Thriller

By Makena Reynolds, Arts Writer May 3, 2022

  As a part of the Department of Theatre’s 2021-22 season, “Liminal” premiered in Studio 115 from Feb. 24-27. With a new script written by Troy Deutsch, an alumni of the Actor Training Program...

(Portrait of Hasse Borup via the University of Utahs faculty page)

‘Artivism for Earth’ Continues the Conversation on Climate Change

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor May 2, 2022

  In the year since Artivism for Earth’s initial launch, and six months since highlighting their work for the Chronicle’s Environmental Issue, Co-founders Hasse Borup and Elisbaet Curbelo found...

Me at Multnomah Falls in Oregon (Courtesy Lucas Welk)

Welk: My Only Regret at The U is Not Joining Student Media Earlier

By Lucas Welk, Arts Writer April 30, 2022

  My entire college career I believed that the less responsibility I had, the better. Joining clubs or internships could take away time for studying and inadvertently hurt my grades. If you have...