Take 5

With so many different kinds of music out there, the staff of Red Pulse wanted to give a little insight to the soundtrack of this issue, piece by piece. It’ll give you something to listen to next time you’re in the mood for something new, old or different.

1. Modest Mouse – “Building Nothing Out of Something” – What is it about Modest Mouse that makes it perfect for road trips? Or pulling yourself out of a funk? Or dancing around the house like an idiot while you clean and do the dishes? I don’t know, but I always come back for more. – Sarah Custen

2. 3OH!3 – “Want” – Two white boys from Boulder, Colo. make synth-heavy rap anthems bumpin’ enough to give Three Six Mafia a run for their money. They’ll make you “holler til you pass out!” – Chase Straight

3. Ratatat – “Remixes Vol. 2” – The guitar, bass and synth trio of Ratatat remixes mostly mainstream hip-hop tracks into groovalicious ear candy on this release available for free on their website. Songs that originally sucked are made good. Songs that were already good are made better. – Makena Walsh

4. Wefunk Radio – A weekly, two-hour mix of old funk and new hip-hop that’s first broadcast from Montreal’s McGill University is put online and streamed, along with hundreds of archived shows. It’s nearly impossible to run out of shows to listen to, and in each show it’s nearly impossible not to both learn something and hear some sick music. – Kyle Stegerwald

5. Life of Agony – “River Runs Red” – It’s 15 years old, but it still finds its way onto my iPod every single day. Life of Agony has always had the perfect mix of hardcore and metal and it always puts a smile on my face. Next time you see me walking around playing air guitar with my headphones on, there’s a 99 percent chance this band is the reason. – Trevor Hale