The Pulse

By Kyle Stegerwald, Asst. Red Pulse Editor

If you like to write, this is the column for you. We’d like you to write to us with suggestions, story ideas or anything else. We get most of our (good) story ideas by connecting with people involved in a cool event, so if you’ve got something you think Red Pulse might be interested in, by all means let us hear about it. The greater diversity of ideas we explore, the better the magazine will be.

The second opportunity is to write for us. We’ve found ourselves a bit short-handed recently, especially in some key areas, such as food. If you can eat, we might have a lucrative opportunity for you in our stable of writers. We’re not just going to pick up the tab for your pizza, though.

The third opportunity ends Dec. 28, when Enormous Rooms stops accepting submissions. Enormous Rooms is the campus literary magazine, so dig out that bad poetry and send it in. It might not be nearly as bad as you think it is.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with us for the purposes of giving us a piece of your mind, the address is [email protected] If you want to write for us, drop by the office and request an application. And if ER is what you crave, it’s at

Kyle Stegerwald

Red Pulse Assistant Editor

[email protected]