UNews – 11 Apr. 2014

It’s midnight. Children lie in their beds and dream about their favorite things — not moonbeams or kitten whiskers, but Xbox 360s, cell phones and Hannah Montana merchandise. Their mothers don’t want to disappoint them. Christmas is a month away. Making sure their children aren’t blue is worth going in the red.

Today on UNews, Keith McDonald spoke with student parents from the U about their experiences as non-traditional students. Gustabo Rodriguez met with Dr. Kimberley Mangun, a communication professor at the U, about her expansive career in journalism. Scot Singpiel of the U’s Health Sciences radio program, “The Scope,” talked about his show. ASUU president Sam Ortiz and Daily Utah Chronicle writer Nathan Turner discussed the reactions to the proposed changes to the fight song. Alex Wiles met with members of the Veterans Support Center to discuss its role on campus.