Letter to the Editor

By Gabriel Remmick


I believe you put together a professional, high-quality paper, however, I have a problem or two with James Seaman’s narrow minded, hypocritical column in the paper March 1. The unapologetically left-wing column castigated President Bush for his inability to compromise his right wing “extremism.”

Bush has proven himself more than capable of compromising with Democrats in Texas and factions within his own party during the election.

He attacked “social crusaders [who] stubbornly refuse to budge on principle,” but only conservative crusaders. Should homosexuals be criticized when they uncompromisingly demand the right to wed just as heterosexual couples do? Should suffragettes have been reprimanded for demanding the right to vote?

Even if I don’t share the same beliefs as someone else, by attempting to understand that person and his or her perspective, I can develop tolerance and open mindedness toward those beliefs.

Liberals do a bang-up job preaching about tolerance, but only the rarest few manage to practice it. Mr. Lewis, you and your staff reliably assert your convictions every day. Perhaps Mr. Seaman should leave his anti conservative, anti-religious bigotry in the closet instead.

And if you throw Alex Lee’s stupidly prejudiced Feature article (Feb. 28) in there too, so much the better.

Gabriel Remmick

Senior, Anthropology