Letter to the Editor: Tijuana Trip Students Speaks Out

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I would like to put the whole Tijuana incident into perspective for all of those who weren’t there, and since I was, I will let everyone know what really happened. First of all, our intent in going was not to get “plowed” or “plastered” as previous articles have made it sound (In fact, no one got drunk who was there.)

We were going simply to say we went to Mexico and maybe buy some authentic Mexican merchandise. As for going to a club and drinking, that was NEVER our plan.

I will admit what we did was wrong and against not only school code but our contract as well. For that I apologize for giving any organization involved a bad name. However, in response to Dan Roberts’ Feb. 3 letter to the editor, “Honor More Important Than Code,” I object to being called dishonorable. I have personally gone and talked to the Dean of Students and ‘fessed up for what I did and took the proper punishment. This obviously doesn’t make me any sort of martyr, but I do think it disqualifies me as dishonorable.

So to say ethics is a joke is entirely inappropriate for all involved. We made a mistake and are facing the consequences for our poor decision. However, at least we are coming forward and accepting that we did something wrong. And since I know there’s not a single person reading this who doesn’t make mistakes, I’d like to ask one last thing: Do you always come forward and accept responsibility for your actions (especially in the face of so much publicity)? If not, then where do you get off judging? If so, then you know why I’m upset about being judged without people knowing what really happened.

Brandon Hansen

Freshman, Political Science and Psychology