Letter to the Editor: The ACLU is wrong, the USA Patriot Act is working

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This is in response to “ACLU discusses Patriot Act’s impacts on students” (Oct. 30).

Part of the story read, “One of them had falsified information on his visa, and the FBI found out.”

Well, what was falsified? (Somehow, this seems important.) Doesn’t it seem logical that if someone falsifies information on a visa, there may be some consequences? For instance, how would the U react if a student had registered for school, and this student falsified his or her name, address, previous schools attended and previous grades received? Or what if you were applying for a new job? What if you stated to your new employer that you had a college degree, but this was false information? If your employer found out, you just might not have a source of income tomorrow. It is quite simple-this student is lucky he has a source of education today.

Sure, the Patriot Act leaves room for abuse, but right now I believe it is working in our favor. The ACLU does not have our best interests at heart, and I dare anyone to challenge this.

Matt Hansen

Alumnus, Fine Arts