ASUU Elections

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

As I was walking to class yesterday, I finally had a great idea about how to deal with this year’s student elections:

If no one voted, no one would be elected. If no one was elected, no one would spend money. If no one spent our money, maybe we wouldn’t have to pay student fees! (I can always hope…).

The hot button topic the past two election years has clearly been rising tuition prices. Sure, the ASUU can’t control tuition prices, but they can impact student fees. The ASUU candidates themselves have unanimously declared that students don’t seem to care about ASUU-sponsored activites (read unity is low). Maybe it is because the ASUU doesn’t provide any perceived benefit for the students.

For myself, I can count on one hand the number of things that I think ASUU has done for me. The one I find the most useful? Providing phones around campus so I can call home. And I’m willing to bet that a seven-figure budget is a little large for just profiding phone service.

My point? If the ASUU wants more student involvement, it will have to change the student body’s perception that the ASUU doesn’t provide any useful services. This doesn’t mean coming up with weird ideas, like having the ASUU president stay at student housing once a week, or spending more money on an ASUU office at student housing. Catchy phrases just don’t do it, either, like “we’ll just represent everyone,” as if it’s just as simple as walking to the vending machine.

If the ASUU wants students’ perceptions to change, they will have to justify taking over a million dollars from us. If someone could do that, and do it convincingly, I would vote. I would campaign to my friends in class. I would even wear a T-shirt with their logo on it.

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