Letter to the Editor: Outrageous spending nothing new from wasteful ASUU


In response to your April 5 article (“ASUU leaders fly to Boston near term end”) about the Associated Students of the University of Utah spending $2,500 to send three out-going officers on a junket to Boston, I have to say that I am appalled by their actions, but honestly not surprised.

As former Public Relations Director under the current ASUU administration, I encountered several similar incidents regarding careless spending of hard-earned student money. For example, the purchase of cellular phones at the tune of $500 each for both President Adrian Johnson and Vice President Anthony White, along with ASUU paying for their outrageously expensive monthly phone plan. (When I was in office I was told to not say anything about the cost of these items to anyone!)

Then there is the re decorating of the president’s and vice president’s offices…including all new furniture, and don’t even let me get started on cost of the new tinted windows in the ASUU office.

ASUU student leaders have been given an outrageous amount of trust by both students and faculty, and this careless spending needs to stop.

The new ASUU administration has its work cut out for its to clean up the mess left by this current administration, and I truly hope that the new leaders will learn from mistakes made this past year.

Mary Cobb

Junior, Political Science