What a year

Utah sports weren’t always this way you know. Since before any of us were born, the Utes were number two in the state, the perpetual whipping boy and girl of BYU.

Good Lord, are we spoiled now.

While our brethren to the south cannibalize themselves, the Utes have reached new heights in nearly every sport. Just two years ago, Chris Hill correctly labeled the football program as “stagnant.” That admonition seems so long ago now that many Ute fans probably have a hard time remembering what it was like before the Urban renewal took place.

With the MUSS quickly becoming the dominant religion on the hill, the “commuter campus” label is being dropped for a “sports school” one. I still can’t fathom the amount of red that followed the Utes to the Fiesta Bowl. The football team couldn’t even draw 80 percent capacity to big conference home games when I got here.

From baseball to volleyball, it was a great year to be a Ute, and given the increase of crimson on campus, you all seem to agree.

While this would be a great year to go out with a bang on, my “creative” academic planning allows me to return for another year. We hope that you’ve liked some of the changes we have made this semester, and you can look forward to some new bells and whistles when the new school year rolls around. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the page, feel free to let me know.

Go Utes.

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