Letter to the Editor

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Editor:Beverly Nelson’s letter “Greeks are a menace…” clearly illustrates her frustration with Greek members and rightfully so. It is atrocious to think that anyone would block the driveway of a neighbor and not give it a second thought. I am thankful the boy is ok, as I am sure all Greek members are. Fraternities and sororities have an obligation to be good neighbors. All Greek members need to remind themselves that Ms. Nelson’s views are in the minority. Greeks clean up the neighborhood annually. They raise thousands of dollars and volunteer hundreds of hours to local charities. They pay for snow removal and even additional police patrols. Vandalism is a horrible crime, and it is a shame that any Greek Row resident has had their personal property damaged. Yet, it is too easy to make fraternities the whipping boy of neighborhoods crimes. If one suspects a motive behind a crime, one should contact the authorities. They can take steps to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.Greek or not, Ms. Nelson should have had the blocking vehicle ticketed and towed. By doing so, the owner of the car could have been contacted, and verified by the police. By allowing the owner to leave, she leaves the identity of the owner up to speculation and prejudice. Just as Greeks have an obligation to be good neighbors, so too do neighbors of Greeks, to discuss problems rationally, and with specific verifiable examples. By working together residents of Butler Avenue can find resolution based in rationality.

Roth LaFleurPi Kappa Alpha Alumnus