Trashing the Y has got to stop


Although I am a University of Utah fan, I really need to voice my opinion on an issue that I find most disturbing.

I really wish you, and the general student body here at the U, would stop trash-talking BYU.

We may be rivals, but I think that the snide comments about BYU are uncalled for and frankly disrespectful.

All of my relatives (besides my parents) went to college at the U, and my parents, who went to BYU, were teased incessantly.

I’m not saying that I have never teased them either-I have.

But after really looking closely at BYU, I have to say that it is a superb school.

Who cares if our sports program is better? Is that really what a university is all about? A sports game?

BYU is a great school. I don’t understand why our student body, newspaper columnists and professors belittle it so often-especially when this university presses “diversity education” so much.

Sam Marsden

Senior, Psychology