Men’s Rights Utah does not represent men at the U


I am writing in response to the Oct. 25 letter to the editor, “Men are oppressed.”

Yes, Chris Cantu, some of us have heard of the Choice 4 Men movement. For those of you unfamiliar with Choice 4 Men, some men are having a hissy fit because when a woman they slept with gets pregnant and then decides to have the baby, they have to pay child support whether they want to or not.

Women these days seem to think the responsibility for a child, even unplanned ones, belongs with both parents. I tell you, these b****es are getting downright uppity.

The Choice 4 Men movement is rife with stories of women tricking men by lying about birth control, or stealing their sperm out of condoms, etc., in order to “trap” the men in fatherhood.

Damn those sluts stealing our valuable sperm. What woman doesn’t dream of that sure path to easy street called single-motherhood?

I notice the purpose of Cantu’s student group, Men’s Rights Utah, includes “to represent male viewpoint.”

This nonsense is not the male viewpoint. Put a rubber on, you whiners.

Gordon Swift

Junior, Chemistry