Prepare for lift-off: Flyleaf releases a mysteriously decent album



Octone Records

Three out of five stars

I can’t quite put my finger on it-Flyleaf’s self-titled LP debut is surprisingly enjoyable.

But I’m not sure why.

Is it the blasting, crunchy rock with a pop spine?

Or is it the versatile female vocals, switching from Avril Lavigne-like styling to raunchy screaming in mere nanoseconds?

It can’t be the lyrics, which, though catchy, are way too contrived, too predictable and just plain poorly written.

And it’s definitely not the ridiculous cover-a dude being lifted by some balloons or…something.

Perhaps it’s the overall aura of the album-highly energetic, pop-indulgent and catchy as hell.

Whatever the cause, Flyleaf’s debut is a credit to the band’s growing reputation in the hard rock world.

Flyleaf’s production is radio-ready. All the surging sound has been squeezed out of the guitars and the vocals have been meticulously recorded, emphasizing the emotional values in frontwoman Lacey Mosley’s voice.

Although the reason may not be identifiable-subliminal messaging? Product placement? I really want a Coke-Flyleaf is an unexpectedly strong release.

Marshal Hogan